Kundali Bhagya 22 April 2021 Written Update

Sherlin is in the house imagining that she is compelled to give such costly neckband to Chachi in light of the fact that there could be no other choice, She gets frightened after there is a thump on the entryway so races to open it shouting that she is coming, Sherlin asks what is she doing when Sarla requests that she call Rakhi in light of the fact that she needs to chat with her anyway she begins directing awful sentiments toward her, Karina additionally comes asking who is hollering and afterward shouts she realizes who would it be able to be other then Sarla in light of the fact that she has a propensity for causing a situation,

Kritika likewise comes asking what has happened when Karina chastens her to quit talking in the middle anyway Kritika begs Sarla to not be strained when Sarla reacts she should not concern since she realizes how to battle with the issues so she should simply call Rakhi,Rakhi entering from behind asks what’s going on, Sarla says that she is in desperate need of her assistance, Kritika attempts to quiet down her mom when Karina says that she needs to clarify that Preeta herself shouted how she had hit Akshay in the head when she met to meet him, Sarla cautions her to not consider Preeta a killer when Karina says that she will call her a killer as she is appropriate for just that when Sarla says she doesnot need to try and converse with her and will just ask Rakhi for help, she goes to Rakhi arguing for her assistance, Rakhi inquires as to for what reason does she figure she would not assistance Preeta on the grounds that she is her little girl in law and requirements their assistance,


Rakhi guarantees to help her when Karina stops her inquiring as to for what reason does she need to help Preeta and who is Kritika on the grounds that she isn’t thinking what Kritika is feeling as then she would not have upheld Preeta, she shouts that until Kritika is hitched Preeta would not be permitted to go into the house as she is a homicide and should not enter the house.Sarla stops her shouting that it isn’t care for this on the grounds that Preeta isn’t an executioner, Sarla going to Rakhi inquires as to why has she come to them when they would have gone to her home clarifying how they were doing save Preeta, anyway she had to race to the legal advisors yet nobody is in any event, tolerating the case and they don’t have a clue how terrible she is feeling in,


she would remain her mom till she bites the dust, Sarla says that she considers Rakhi as her mom however they have not acknowledged her and regardless of whether somebody stays for certain days there is an association yet they have still not acknowledged her, at whatever point something awful happens she is compelled to come and ask for her, Sarla inquires as to for what reason would she be able to rest when Preeta is in prison and how are they ready to rest, she plunks down crying while Rakhi attempts to quiet her down when she is sitting. Shristhi and Sameer are watching Mahira, Shristhi is frantic asking for what reason is Mahira not halting as they have been sitting tight for quite a while and she is continually applying the cosmetics, Shristhi anyway shouts that she is getting attempted so is shutting her eyes, all of a sudden the portable rings and Mahira goes to get it anyway the call closes,

she gets bothered and furthermore gets a message, she gets distraught in the wake of understanding it and shouts how might he dare shakedown her, she leaves and both Sameer and Shristhi follow her. Prithvi is likewise strolling in the lobby thinking about how he can be so thoughtless on the grounds that he is getting late, he catchs Mahira and the two of them get in a battle when Prithvi quiets down, Shristhi and Sameer shout that they have found one another, Shristhi covertly strolls close to them and picks the mobile.


Rakhi asks Sarla for what reason she figures they could do without Preeta on the grounds that she believes Preeta to be considerably more prominent then Kritika in light of the fact that Kritika is just a little girl and Preeta is additionally a little girl in law to her, Rakhi inquires as to for what reason does she think they are not doing anything for Preeta on the grounds that she is returning from the legal advisor whom she went to meet with karan, Karina gets distraught inquiring as to for what reason did she go to the legal counselor when she cautioned that nobody would help Preeta except for she doesnot even hear her out, Rakhi calls her Di anyway she requests that Rakhi not call her since she attempted to clarify that they should not assistance Preeta and assuming she doesnot esteem her, for what reason is she remaining in the house, she takes Kritika’s hands vowing to take off from the house anyway Kritika stops them saying that Preeta is in the prison as a result of her and had nothing to do with it, everybody gets stunned after hearing what she is saying.


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  1. karan that karthika she gets upest because of you karan please don’t do like that try to understand that what I am saying for you karan.
    kareena bua you know that sarla she gets upest so fast because of you kareena bua shame on you.
    karan one request for you this maira she call the police in his mobile phones hunderd percent that only maira didn’t her planned I can see the maira face properly you come to know that karan you can do it.
    shirti you can call the anythere Lawyer confirm that now see what I will do now.
    Sammy please you can see the maira mobile check it out fast you don’t waste the time okay.

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