In the night time Preeta allows Sonakshi at the mattress then palms her the cell, Sonakshi is greatly surprised to look her cell whilst Preeta replies it were given damaged on the twist of fate webweb page and she or he had it repaired, Sonakshi says that she most effective simply taken into consideration Preeta as her sister, however she has actually looked after her like a sister, Preeta leaves pronouncing that if she wishes to get healthful then need to forestall crying.

Sherlin sees Sonakshi sitting so assume she want to discover the real purpose she has come to their residence, she going to Sonakshi gives to constantly be there for her however Sonakshi says she does now no longer want her assist and she or he can depart, Sonakshi additionally asks the nurse to move as she may be fine, the nurse says she can be able to cross ask the medical doctor, Sherlin asks why is Sonakshi searching at her like this, Sonakshi threatens to constantly be there to shield Preeta as she is similar to her elder sister, Sherlin questions what’s she pronouncing whilst she is speakme of her relation with Pihu, Sonakshi replies she is aware of Sherlin is indignant together along with her due to the fact she attempted to expose her genuine face even after what everybody stated however Sherlin need to now no longer assume she can be able to get afraid of her, Sonakshi asks Sherlin to go away so she walks out of the room whilst Sonakshi is at the mattress.

Preeta is with Pihu and Karan, she attempts coaching her the call of Rishab Luthra, Karan questions what’s she coaching her so informs her that Rishab is his elder brother, Pihu questions then why does she now no longer have any elder brother, Prithvi in surprise asks if Rishab is truly coming again, he says that he could should hurry and forge the enterprise papers to his personal call. The nurse asks Sonakshi why she does have a lot love for Pihu asking what relation she has, Sonakshi exhibits she is her daughter.

She tells Karan that Preeta struggling the maximum now and Preeta desires a toddler. She tells them that even Mahesh desires a toddler to pop out of his melancholy.