Akshay’s mom shouts how she has had enough since she imagined that it is the matter of the youngsters anyway she would not stay calm in light of the fact that Sarla has come and chided her child which she can’t acknowledge, Sarla clarifies how she is simply attempting to clarify how her girl isn’t of such low character and could sit idle. Akshay clarifies how Shrishti has scrutinized his character and when he is wedding Kritika she would approach him and has even embraced him in broad daylight, he realizes that it is a typical practice anyway she came truly near him and even said Hi to him which he has not answered, Shrishti quickly attempts to clarify that she said Hi to him since he said that he would send the greeting card and even embraced him however it was not the situation,

Karina won’t tune in anything saying how she comprehends what the two of them have attempted to attack the connection of Kritika as Shrishti had begun to like Akshay and she realizes that Preeta has consistently beguiled them as she even hitched Karan with misdirecting him. Preeta clarifies that Karina isn’t right on the grounds that Akshay is truly not a fair individual and it is only not for Shristhi but rather additionally for Kritika, Karan requests that Karina stand by and let everybody follow which they would talk, Rakhi likewise says that Karan and Preeta are talking reality in light of the fact that the issue is about Kritika and Akshay and she is making the conversation about another person, Karina says that she should express something to Preeta at which Dadi additionally says that she is thinking like Karina and feels Preeta attempted to break the connection of Kritika and Akshay on the grounds that she has wanted to get Shristhi hitched to Akshay. Sarla begs Dadi to not say something very similar on the grounds that she is the senior of the house and has known both of her little girls for a ton time and realizes that they can’t do anything of the sort as she has not raised them with such character, Kritika gets distraught begging them all to quit talking in light of the fact that their words have caused so agony to her since she knows Preeta and furthermore Akshay.

Dadi requests that she not state this as Shristhi herself acknowledged that she embraced Akshay, Sarla asks how could their reasoning be so low as their families have been joined previously and her little girl is their little girl in law and still, at the end of the day they are addressing them, they have decided to trust Akshay’s family more than her and in the event that somebody embraces someone else does it imply that she wants to wed that individual, Sarla inquires as to whether they feel a similar then she would acknowledge it is the flaw of her girl. Sarla begins crying when Preeta and Shrishti go to her clarifying how she should quit crying since it not an issue to stress over, Sarla discloses how she came to give a ton of endowments to the little girl of their home yet what has happened destroyed everything so she is leaving as she can’t give any longer gifts and leaves, Karan requests that they stand by as he would return subsequent to dropping Sarla after which they would proceed with the conversation.

Sarla requests that Shristhi call the auto when Karan fights against eminent loss and embraces Sarla inquiring as to for what reason is she stressing so a lot, Sarla clarifies that they were addressing Shrishti when karan clarifies how it ought not make any difference their opinion about Shristhi on the grounds that he is likewise their family and the solitary imagines that issues is their opinion about Shristhi and he realizes she can do nothing of the sort, Shristhi additionally clarifies how she has not done anything and embraces Karan, after which he clarifies that they have become a particularly huge family and some of the time in such families mistaken assumptions are made so there isn’t anything to stress over,

he is determined to leave them when Sarla requests that he stand by while he converses with Preeta. Sarla at that point going to Preeta asks her for what good reason she made such a stride when she cautioned her to do nothing that messes up them since she realized that the Luthra family would just scrutinize her and not accept whatever they state. Sarla makes reference to how she never needed to state so a lot however couldn’t avoid, Preeta embraces Sarla when she requests that she make each stride after due thought as she would be addressed and on the off chance that anybody speak more loudly against them as a family, at that point she could never chat with them and Sarla leaves with Karan.

Mahira is attempting to persuade Ramona about what Preeta has done saying that she paid off the young lady which caused the issues for her when Sherlin comes and is resolute to chat with Ramona, she clarifies how she and Mahira caused Preeta to feel that Akshay is actually an exploitative individual yet this messed up Preeta, Ramona gets some information about what advantage would Preeta acquire from the present circumstance when she clarifies how Preeta could never get Shristhi hitched to him in any event, when she thinks about his fact yet it implies that Akshay has paid off the young lady to oppose Preeta on the grounds that then her standing would be demolished and nobody would trust her so she won’t have the option to do anything, Ramona requests that they end the call as somebody has come at the entryway, Mahira specifies that Akshay is truly brilliant and has destroyed the standing of Preeta.

Preeta is at the house when Akshay goes to her, she asks what he is doing when he says that Sameer was coming to chat with Shristhi when Karina halted him so he went to her, Preeta requests that he watch what he is doing in light of the fact that she would not him ruin the standing of her sister as she thinks about his reality, Akshay clarifies how there is a statement and it portrays that on the off chance that she attempts to destroy his home, at that point it would likewise copy her own home so he requests that Preeta comprehend what he is stating.

Preeta goes into the house when the visitors are accusing her expression how they would not have exposed a particularly off-base act, Akshay comes referencing how he is thankful that they have confided in him since, supposing that they would have accepted the allegations against his character then it would have demolished his life,

he clarifies how he is appreciative to the young lady who talked reality in any event, when Preeta paid off her so she had the option to save his standing, Akshay says that he would now leave and afterward believes that in any event, when she attempted to uncover his fact she couldn’t and now has been humiliated, Akshay goes to leave when Karina stops him and he thinks how everything is going as arranged. Read More…..