Kundali Bhagya 21 September 2020 Written Update

In the horoscope fortune number you will be shown that Prachi tells Mahira and Sherin that she can be considered crazy. He says how he felt after seeing her in the sun and realized that she had got chilli in his command. That is why she puts salt in the meditation. Mahira starts wondering why I had added chili to her dish, yet why her dish was good.

Preeta says that I already knew how much you can go to fight me, that’s why I need to be smart, she says she is not so naive. He says that I am not purely Arora who used to listen to all his tantrums, it is Preeta Karan Luthra who can fight for her right without any fear, she says that she had retained two sweet words and Earlier there was only one. Put it in the fridge, so when you kept the chilli in the path, I threw it and took out the wine from the fridge, and served this sweet spice to all the family.

Preeta says that she loved to eat their sweets except Kareena, but no one liked Myra’s dish. He says that Shayani has a branch of the woman’s daughter and offers her how it was. He says that I had already taken my first fight. Mahera imagines what will happen if Preeta decides to take her out, that is how the phase ends.