In the today’s episode of this show says that Sherlyn is advised not to reveal that he has a relation with Mayra. In the same time Ramona comes in the scene and she explains that he never felt and realised that these words were expected from Sanjana. Then Sanjana look towards Sherlyn and it makes it clear that she doesn’t want that her daughter would destroy her life as Mayra was a great deal and and he knew that if she would be on the side of Mayra she would have been successful in destroying the reputation in the Luthra family internet scene Mayra comes out of the bathroom. Then Sanjana and Sherlyn move out of the room and both Ramona and Sherlyn follows them.

Next we see that Preeta meets the guest and also current is standing when Rishav is coming towards him also he tries to make Karan that he would have drank some water so that it he can be well and he could calm himself down.

Button this current does not agree that he had any feelings for Preeta and clear that he did it dance only because it was his responsibility then Karan makes it clear that he couldn’t see that he is looking in eyes of Preeta and then he makes the excuse that he cannot look away from his eyes because she applied a lot of Kajal .

In the next scene we see that Preeta is praised by Sarla as she mentioned that she looked really beautiful with Karan and then the police inspector comes and he questions that it how had she hurted her head and she says in reply that she got hurted while work for the function.

And then the Inspector clear that she is just only a single phone call a way that if she needed any help then she could call them but then and she leaves them by saying that she had a lot of work in the police station.
Next Srishti ask that tell her the reason for not telling the inspector about the truth by she told the lie related to Mayra then Peter mentions that she did not have any proof so she said that she will be waiting till the truth comes out next train comes out with them and he says that she has something to discuss with Preeta.

He asked that why did she left the function and also ask that where had she gone after that they started a discussion which turned into some angry thing.

After that Rishabh is talking on phone with Karan but he comes behind him in the Cottage of Sameer Karan says that he didn’t understand but Preetha was doing because she was taking everything in his room and he explained that she dont know how to control her and then Rishabh humorously says that women are interfering in every matter of the man so they should let them do whatever they want to do.

Karan Asim if Rita told where she was Rishav mentions that he asked her but she told that she had gone out because she was not feeling well in her house but she not told to him.