Then we see Mehra seeing Preeta that she is not able to bear her pain and she also gives him a threat. Then we see Preeta leave for Pooja and get dizzy again. And then they faint and fall there and after that all the people start worrying and all the people reach there to help her.

After that Sherlyn said that she is very scared now because Ramona Whenever she wants, she can kill anyone and she does not even think once. She thinks about Mehra saying that she is going from there, what will she do if Preeta kills her.

It is asked what has happened to Preeta and this time Rishabh asks the doctor why she has suddenly fainted, then the doctor tells her that someone has mixed poison in its food, due to which Preeta has fallen in a dizzy spell.

She was a little friend of the city, so she could survive, but if the friend was a little more and you people did not call me on time, then her life could be in danger. People are surprised who must have added poison to Preeta’s food.