Dadi comes greeting each Sarla and Janki, Sarla replies she heard approximately the unborn toddler of Rishab and Sherlin so felt sincerely bad, she determined to return back and meet them, Dadi exclaims she felt sincerely satisfactory due to the fact Sarla got here to go to them. Karan takes her blessings, and she or he blesses him, Rakhi comes so Sarla asks if she is well, she mentions it isn’t always the manner due to the fact on every occasion there’s disappointment the happiness additionally follows them, she ought to relaxation confident because the residence could once more be lit with happiness, they’re status once they listen the decision of Mahira, anyone is involved however.

Prithvi additionally following her exclaims she desires to prevent, Mahira famous it’s miles the proper time, Karina coming down asks what does she ought to say, Mahira replies she knew the whole thing because the beyond few days however now has to show the fact, Mahira famous that Karina allowed her to live withinside the residence announcing their turned into no want to visit the hostel so how can anybody ask her to go away,

Prithvi says she is the only in the back of the twist of fate of Sherlin earlier than Mahira is in a position to finish her sentence, Prithvi insists that he’s telling the fact, Mahira exclaims it’s miles all a lie, Prithvi replies he can show that Mahira turned into the only in the back of the twist of fate, he asks Rishab if he doesnot need to understand why she attempted to kill his wife, Rishab asks Mahira what’s he announcing, she replies it’s miles all a lie, he’s positive he can show it’s miles the fact and has the evidence, Shristhi thinks all of them are at the equal time so why is Prithvi towards Mahira, Preeta is likewise involved seeing them fighting.