Prithvi requests that Sherlin show what she is covering up, she attempts to oppose anyway he strongly grabs the jewelry and afterward seeing it thanks god asking that he got it anyway Sherlin says that it isn’t for him, likewise inquires as to for what reason does he need it so Prithvi reacts that they can utilize it for different purposes so he will sell it, Sherlin taking it says that it is for Pammi which rankles Prithvi who inquires as to for what reason will she give Pammi the accessory, so she says that Pammi got dubious of their connection and now is requesting the neckband consequently, Prithvi in a condition of strain inquires as to whether today is the blackmailer’s day as Pammi is extorting her while he is additionally being coerced, Sherlin asks what is the issue here, prithvi answers that he is taking steps to educate the police that Prithvi was likewise at the inn the evening of the homicide, Sherlin asks how could he come to know about it yet then prithvi specifies that he feels the blackmailer is playing a twofold game and he feels the individual is the enemy of Akshay, Prithvi makes reference to how he feels that they need to pay the cash on the grounds that the blackmailer thinks he is a basic man anyway doesnot know who he has meddled with in light of the fact that he is Prithvi Malhotra, he promises to proceed to uncover the personality of the individual since then the whole family would be intrigued with him since he had the option to save Preeta who is honest, Sherlin begins hitting him asking that he should not consider Preeta and stress over the cash, Prithvi requests her to give it anyway she says that she doesnot have that sort of cash, prithvi contemplating whether Rishab doesnot give her, she answers that he doesnot give her any cash, he shouts that Rishab has become a minimizer, he considered what eh would do now, Sherlin proposes that he should take the family accessory from the room of Mahesh Luthra, Prithvi asks how might he take them since he would have held them safely secured, Sherlin clarifies that it is the Luthra manor and he generally keeps it open, he leaves requesting that she wish him karma.

Preeta is remaining in the phone, recollecting when karan used to prod her while she was perusing with a plume, she additionally frightened him going about as an apparition and the two of them praised the second together, she at that point embraced him and he shouted she got what she expected, Preeta asks what she needed, he answers that she wanted an embrace from him,

Preeta getting frantic goes to plunk down on the seat and shouts that she realizes Karan is truly distraught with her since she didn’t illuminate him about her arrangements anyway she realizes he truly cherishes her and misses her since she likewise can’t live for even a second without her, she anyway makes certain of a certain something and it is that she didn’t kill Akshay in light of the fact that when she left he was as yet alive, she just hit him sufficiently hard to cause a physical issue yet not kill him.Prithvi subtly opens the entryway of the room, wishing Mahesh, Prithvi shouts that he was disclosed to Mahesh would be dozing anyway he isn’t so he may be in the restroom,

he calls Mahesh remaining external the washroom anyway Mahesh is as yet not there, so he ponders he may have gone thus he would be getting back to the room, Prithvi begins searching for the gems, he opens the closet to track down that the storage is shut thus getting distraught says that Sherlin revealed to him that the accessory would be in the cabinet anyway it is bolted, he begins looking for the keys when he hears somebody coming so promptly stows away, he gets up to see that the entryway is open yet there is somebody behind him who thumps him on the shoulder startling him, he is stunned to see that it is Sherlin, she inquires as to for what reason is he so terrified, Prithvi clarifies that he thought Mahesh has returned, on the grounds that he isn’t in the room and the washroom so he inquires as to whether she would help him track down the key, the two of them begin looking for the key.

Mahesh enters the workplace getting some information about the ACP, Sushil says that he will show up soon, Sushila inquires as to whether the Luthra’s are behind the exchange of ACP Vijay when he says that it isn’t the case since he got into an issue with a lawmaker soon after assuming responsibility as the ACP which is the reason he was moved, ACP enters the workplace welcoming Mahesh asking how would he be able to help him, Mahesh uncovers how he realizes that Preeta is their little girl in law and in the care so he has come to take her with him on his own assurance and will definitely carry her to the court and says that it isn’t anything of an issue clarifying that she would not have the option to live under such conditions, ACP says that she would live like the wide range of various lawbreakers as she has been captured with confirmations and is a homicide suspect, he can possibly take her home when she is cleared from the court, Mahesh looks for authorization to in any event meet her which the ACP permits, he arranges Sushil to take Mahesh to Preeta.Sherlin and Prithvi are hysterically looking for the key yet can’t discover it, Prithvi grasps her hand at that point pulling out the clasp, he can open the storage, they are hypnotized to see the neckband, Prithvi places it in his pocket and even cravings to pull out some cash anyway Sherlin prevents him from taking any cash, she requests that he leave before somebody goes into the room, Sherlin feels that they would now have the option to comprehend who is really coercing them and discover reality for the last time.