Rakhi comes inquiring as to whether they are not noting the call to which Karina specifies that they have not yet replied yet at long last when they answer Karina welcomes them to the mixed drink gathering to which Akshay’s folks state how they have not been drinking so what might they do in the gathering, Karina shouts how they need to appreciate regardless of whether they don’t drink, Rakhi requests that Karina place the portable on the speaker and when he likewise does likewise then she welcomes them to the gathering shouting that they additionally need to appreciate the elements of the youngsters, Akshay taking the versatile shouts how he has been moved by her words so guarantees them of their essence in the gathering.

Karina shouts how she should leave to choose what she should wear, Rakhi considers likewise welcoming Sarla, she calls her shouting how she is vexed on the grounds that Sarla didn’t go to the Jhago Rasm so should go to the mixed drink party, Sarla reacts how she and Janki are leaving town in light of the fact that there is a Pooja and capacity at one of their family members so she would not have the option to come in the gathering, Rakhi clarifies how she would need to come and should come regardless of whether she is late which powers Sarla to acknowledge her solicitations and says that she would come regardless of whether she is somewhat late.

Shrishti clarifies that they would not allow Akshay to pull out from what they have taken as proof, Sameer requests that they show him the proof however when Preeta takes out her portable she is stunned and inquires as to whether she has send the photographs in light of the fact that there isn’t anything of the sort in her versatile, Shrishti shouts how Akshay is truly shrewd thus has erased the photographs even before they were gotten in her versatile, Shrishti requests that Preeta not concern as they would cause him to uncover reality before everybody, Preeta asks what she implied, Shristhi clarifies how they would give him reality serum similarly as they provided for Mahira, Sameer shouts how it is perilous, Preeta reacts how Akshay is additionally truly risky and they would need to battle with him utilizing any methods essential.

Akshay alongside his family show up at the gathering, he subsequent to meeting with Karina and Rakhi goes directly to Kritika. Rakhi reacts how they more youthful age doesnot burn through any time which is the reason he went directly to Kritika.

Dadi shouts to Karina how she wants to move, Karina additionally makes reference to how she should move with no concern as it is Kritika’s wedding, Akshay’s mom likewise specifies how she has arranged the hit the dance floor with her significant other and they are likewise Punjabi so can move.

Akshay’s commendations Kritika on her magnificence, Sameer remaining in the corner imagines that he is lying on the grounds that despite the fact that Kritika is excellent he is just saying this since he is truly sharp.

Mahira and Sherlin taking a gander at Sameer shout how he is keeping an eye on Akshay due to how he is taking a gander at him, Sherlin clarifies that he is the covert operative for Shristhi and Preeta, Mahira reacts that he is doing this in view of the affection which he has for Shristhi, Mahira specifies that everybody loves somebody, however the individual she cherishes is with another person, Sherlin clarifies how Karan likewise Preeta, Mahira inquires as to why she needs to express such things yet Sherlin discloses how she wants to state reality, Mahira at that point leaves the corridor.

Sameer comes to both Akshay and Kritika asking how they are getting along, Karina comes clarifying that it is his day thus he ought to celebrate and drink, he additionally offers her, however she requests that he take Kritika, she leaves when Sameer inquires as to whether she needs anything.

Shrishti and Preeta are arranging about what they would do, Preeta clarifies how they would need to be truly cautious on the grounds that Akshay is truly savvy, Preeta wants to get a strong confirmation yet Shrishti clarifies how they generally get a strong evidence.

Karan goes into the room and the two of them quit talking, Karan gets dubious so asks what the topic of their conversation was on the grounds that they may be talking against him, Karan says how Preeta has never shouted after their marriage he is an attractive individual, Shristhi clarifies how it was not the situation and Preeta was simply respecting how attractive he is, karan leaves the room, Preeta takes Shrishti by her ears asking what was the explanation she expressed every one of those things, Shrishti says how she just said reality to which Preeta answers how she ought not have said it since now Karan would get the mentality.

Karan by and by returns onto the room requesting that Preeta help him with the arm and afterward shouts how he would not have the disposition prior to leaving the room, Preeta and Shristhi likewise leave the space for the dance floor.

Akshay and Kritika please the dance floor, Kritika meet a portion of her companions at that point inquires as to whether she should likewise meet with her companions, Akshay welcomes her however she gets awkward, Kritika companions shout that she has come to meet Karan Luthra.

Karan enters the gathering with Preeta, she promptly hurries to him clarifying how she simply adores him and consistently is contemplating him, Karan gets awkward and disappears. Shristhi quickly goes to her colloquialism how she should avoid Karan as he is her brother by marriage and she doesnot like when different ladies attempt to draw near with him.

Karan begins the gathering shouting how it is for Akshay and his sister Kritika, he at that point officially begins the gathering by opening a container of Champaign. The dance floor is set and Karan is hitting the dance floor with Preeta which irritates Mahira who is remaining in the corner, Sameer is likewise taken to the dance floor by the enthusiast of Karan, Shrishti gets envious so leaps to hit the dance floor with him, Preeta is taking a gander at Akshay who is hitting the dance floor with the fanatic of Karan and acting up with her at the same time when Mahira is hitting the dance floor with Karan.

Preeta and Shristhi follow Akshay, Sameer remains back to take care of Mahira, Sherlin ponders where is Preeta and Shristhi as she can’t likewise see Akshay. Read More….