The episode begins with the printer, where Preeta tells the press that she should not point towards Luthra due to someone else’s mistake, Hindi mistake someone else’s friend, you are pointing towards Luthra. Hai then Mehra says that Preeta is lying she is not in a drunken state and she says that she did it as soon as she is engaged and she is going to marry him.

After that we see that Preeta talks about marriage that he can talk about it later too. After that we see that we can confirm about the drinking issue first. Let us confirm that I am not drunk. Then we see that anyone can be asked to come and improve Mehra and he will understand the truth because he did not want to repeat the truth again and again. Next we see Renu aunty come forward and fuck Mehra and says that she is clearly drunk and now she saw him for the first time at the same time she came to know that she was drunk and Rakhi asked Karna Have to marry the wrong person. She then says that Mehra introduced herself as a father and is now walking around the party comfortably.

Next we see that a guest says that he feels very bad for doing Mehra’s antics but thanks to God that he is not yet his wife and he will get a good wife like beaten after that Mehra Loses control and starts driving everyone telling her how Preeta can be a good person and convinces them by saying that she is not a good person and she keeps pretending to be good and tells them the truth and Sameer and Srishti laugh a lot after seeing him and go to him as everything was going according to their plans and she will not leave them either. Next let us take Ramona and Sherlyn Mehra with them.

Kundali Bhagya 21 October 2020 Written Update

Next we see that Sherlyn asks him why this Mehra is behaving like this and everyone thinks that she is some Psycho after that Mehra asks why no one tells her Psycho after every act done by Preeta. Raha tell me this and why are you staring at me with such words and making fun of me. Further Sherlyn says that no one will ever believe her. Mona says that today’s star is Preeta and Mehra as a villain And she is asked to change the dress. Mehra leaves from here to change her dress. It seems that everything has gone bad and wonder what to do now, they were dancing and they say that finally she agreed That she is very beautiful.

Only Sanjana talks against Kareena and Arora’s sisters and makes them very happy.Reenu tells aunt Rakhi that she should perform the ritual of mouth-watering otherwise Mehra feels that she has spoiled Rasam again. Mouth appears to convince Dadi again for the ritual, after listening to their conversation, Kareena says that Dadi always agrees with Rakhi, even if she is mistaken about it so that Dadi says why she feels this This is not the case at all.

Then we see that Sameena says that Sherlyn should stay away from the earth because it is only being used. Sherlyn says that instead of being in love with each other and whenever she tries to move on from him, she will regret it very much. Then Sanjana says that Sherlyn is now married and how can she speak again Sailing says that he has not heard anything against her, warns to stay away from Sanjana and Mehra Sher Sher sees Ramona behind Sanjana.