Subsequently, Purab visit Pragya. Prachi calls him Sir. Purab requests that Prachi call him ‘tosses’ as she is Abhi’s girl. Purab embraces Prachi. Pragya comes and gets pleased to see Purab. She asks Purab how is he? Purab says fine. Sarita requests that Purab eat with them. Purab concur. He further inquires as to whether she knows abhi is wedding.

Pragya says yes and says she is content with his choice. Prachi calls Purab to eat. There, Ranbir chooses to compose a letter to Prachi. Ranbir’s mom intrudes on him. She requests that he go with her and compose letter to Prachi later. Mrs. Kohli says to Ranbir that she needed to impart a discussion to him. She says to Ranbir that she got terrified seeing him facing huge challenge for Prachi. Ranbir listen toPallavi. Pallavi says to Ranbir that he is seeming like an old individual. She requests that he prepare to meet Rhea. Ranbir says post his mom leaves that; nobody can divide him and his affection for Prachi.

Opposite side, Ranbir meet Prachi. Prachi requests that Ranbir go. Ranbir uncover to Prachi that his mom got respiratory failure in this way, he said yes to wed Rhea. He says if around then he didn’t said yes than he would have lost his mom. Ranbir advises to Prachi that subsequently, he was making her to abhor him. Prachi trust in Ranbir’s promise. Ranbir says to Prachi that he will keep her caring regardless. Prachi embraces Ranbir. Ranbir says to Prachi that one day he will come from front entryway and will label her alongside him. Prachi gets stricken and embraces Ranbir.

Ranbir says ‘I love you’ to Prachi. Thereafter, Rhea reviews how Ranbir saved Prachi. She breaks the glass. Aliya come to Prachi and asks her as opposed to going nuts she should design with the goal that she can isolate Ranbir and Prachi. Rhea thoroughly considers Aliya’s statement. Afterward, Rhea meets Prachi. Prachi requests that Rhea avoid her as she gained from Ranbir that in weight he said yes to wed her and don’t adore her. Rhea gets irritated hearing Prachi. She uncovers to her that Abhi said yes to wed Meera on the grounds that she needed the equivalent. Prachi asks Rhea not to isolate Abhi and Pragya. Rhea requests that Prachi proceed to cry alongside Pragya. Prachi slaps Rhea. Read more……