Scene starts with Mahira discloses to Sherlyn that Akshay is truly hero yet don’t have the foggiest idea what issue Preeta has with him. Sherlyn says Akshay without a doubt concealing something however that is not issue for them and Preeta speculates him so she won’t overlook anything and will wind up making issues for Akshay and Krithika. Mahira says on the off chance that Akshay is trouble maker, at that point he is sufficiently keen to conceal his fact from everybody and Preeta doing botch by exploring everything. Sherlyn says Preeta fouling up that is the reason Kareena won’t leave her.

Mahira says this time matter is about Krithika’s life so Luthra’s won’t uphold her when she attempts to break this marriage. Sristy, Preeta look through evidence against Akshay in his room. He hears commotion from washroom and accepts his mom went to his room. They takes Akshay’s versatile and sees Ruchika and his photos. Sristy advises Preeta to advance these photos to her portable. Akshay emerges from the washroom and notification that his portable is missing and says he realizes that they has his versatile and requests that they bring it back.

Sameer grievances about Krithika’s cooking to Akshay’s mom and requests that she instruct cooking to his sister. Krithika glares him. Akshay says he was simply kidding and says it will be here just some place and requests that Preeta give her portable to him so he can locate his versatile. Preeta says she left her portable in corridor as it were. He asks Sristy’s versatile. Sristy shows her portable to him saying it’s dead as of now without charge. Preeta says Sristy utilizes her portable a ton. He says he will call from his landline and calls it. He sees his versatile on couch and says he looked there as of now however didn’t saw it.

Preeta says it occurs and says here and there truth would be before us like his portable however until we gets confirmation it’s difficult to accept that. He says she is directly without evidence one can’t do anything and asks what are they doing in his room. Preeta says they were simply seeing the house and endup in his room. Akshay’s mom and Krithika places food on table.

Akshay became more acquainted with that his dad went to market to purchase vegetables to make juice for Sameer. He understands that Sameer isn’t keen on juice and he was helping Preeta,Sristy and considers what these sisters were doing in his room. Preeta thinks she got the thing for which she came here. Akshay thinks Preeta actually speculating him and gazes her. Preeta acclaims the food saying it’s truly delectable says still they has part of work to accomplish for marriage so they needs to take off from now and goes out in the wake of offering bye to Akshay’s family. Akshay goes to his space to check what Preeta did in his room.

Kareena was welcoming visitors for mixed drink party. Rakhi says she knows nothing about mixed drink gathering festival. Kareena says she thinks about it so Rakhi need not to stress over anything. Preeta illuminates Sameer about the photos they got from his portable. Akshay checks his versatile and understands that Preeta got his and Ruchika’s photos and says now he need not to shroud anything and going to assault Preeta in his manner for playing with him.