Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update

Preeta and Karan are in the room when he gets some information about to uncover, Preeta shouts how he is currently heading outside so they will talk when he will return, karan pulling her nearer shouts how he would not go in the event that she doesnot need to and he truly feels decent when she says that she misses him a ton, Sameer at that point digs out from a deficit and inquiring as to whether they can leave for the workplace now, karan shouts where did they need to go, Preeta at that point specifies how he doesnot need to leave, Karan by and by returns saying how he would not leave on the off chance that she doesnot need him to on the grounds that he realizes she needs to uncover what si in her heart and that he has an arrangement which would guarantee that she doesnot miss him so he would call all her parts an hour and the first occasion when he calls she ought to uncover what is in her heart, he

is truly not all set to the workplace anyway leaves in the wake of reasoning that he has all the duties since Rishab is likewise not present, he presents her the blessing referencing how he presented to them all and the blue Sarree is his top pick so she should wear it, Preeta at that point gets apprehensive.


Karan and Sameer are in the vehicle, Sameer is chuckling which stresses Karan who asks the explanation he clarifies how he saw Karan grin after quite a while and realizes that it was a result of Preeta, karan likewise doesnot deny it yet doesnot shout it straightforwardly and when Sameer prods him he takes steps to toss him out of the vehicle after which he would need to stroll to arrive at the workplace, Sameer asks him to simply acknowledge that what he is saying is reality which Karan additionally acknowledges.


Preeta wears the sarree which Karan brought for her, she gets truly anxious recalling all the minutes went through with Karan and how he even attempted to kiss her yet she fled, she fires giggling then even gets the rose which he brought for her since she felt truly adored and even Karan is grinning in the vehicle, Preeta begins to play with his ball recollecting the first occasion when she tossed the ball at him anyway then she harms herself, all at once there is a call and she promptly picks it halting the individual to not let out the slightest peep as she believes that it is Karan, Preeta shouts how she has begun to cherish him and she didn’t care for that his female fans waved at him anyway she additionally feels the equivalent for him now and she cherishes him a ton, prithvi likewise shouts how he additionally cherishes her and that she will be his valentine, Preeta is stunned to see that it is Prithvi, she gets stressed asking what is he saying since she didn’t have any acquaintance with it was him and was directing every one of those sentiments toward Karan, prithvi shouts how Karan came in the middle of them even previously is as yet demolishing their connection since he couldn’t live without her and is presently coming for her since he realizes she additionally feels the equivalent.

Karan arrives at his office and subsequent to sitting on the seat acknowledges how he has neglected to call Preeta, he is stunned when her versatile is occupied at that point blows up reasoning for what reason is he not noting the call in any event, when he requested that she go to his calls.


Preeta gets frantic at Prithvi saying how he doesnot converse with her like this and she would not show him what she feels since she believed that he was karan, Prithvi at that point closes the call which bothers Preeta.

Karan is sitting in the workplace when Sameer comes asking what the matter is, Karan clarifies how he is disturbed on the grounds that he requested that Preeta answer his call yet she is occupied and he was not from the outset ready to communicate his emotions but at this point when he needs to she isn’t replying, Sameer giggles referencing how a few days back Karan was not prepared to listen her name and now is passing on to chat with her, Sameer shouts how they should initially complete the gathering and take off from for the house after which he can meet Preeta.


Preeta is in her room when she gets another call, she responds to it and is concerned yet then inquires as to for what reason did he call her again in any event, when she educated him that she doesnot need to try and converse with him, Prithvi clarifies how he can’t consider living without her so he is coming to meet her in precisely 30 minutes since when he has cherished her then there is no concern and he isn’t frightened of any Luthra.

Karan clarifies in the gathering how isn’t a finance manager and Rishab has consistently gone to the gathering while he is a cricketer so was cherished by his fans and the team promoters, he withdraws from his remark saying how he is presently a hitched man yet the organization requires the mark of a Luthra so he will just fill the convention identifying with the marks and they should all work to additional the organization, he leaves requesting Sameer to take care from the rest, Sameer attempts to stop him at that point thinks that he was so eager to meet Preeta and afterward Sameer specifies how he would take It from here then clarifies how they have the objectives and should attempt to meet them.

Preeta is in her room when she gets a call then subsequent to taking a sight of alleviation she answers the call of Shristhi referencing how she is loosened up that it is her, Shristhi at that point asks who was aggravating her, Preeta clarifies that it was Prithvi who taken steps to go to the Luthra house and her life by and by, Shristhi specifies how she understands what Prithvi is thinking since he is attempting to demolish the main Valentines day of them as a team, Preeta anyway clarifies how she felt that Prithvi was saying reality in view of the manner by which he was talking.

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