You will see further that I say that Luthra tells her that she forgets her way to her room again and again and wonders that he is not accepting her at all as her daughter-in-law and then says this That he has not accepted Preeta.

Because his daughter still could not leave Pune. Then we see that he is kicked out of the house. Then sent he remembers how he saw Luthra worried for Preeta. Pauses that she has a heart for Karan and leaves him and then she says that she thinks so.

That he is very much worried about something and he can feel free to tell me that thing. Then he says that it is not so much on the matter and can clearly understand that something is bothering him and she asks Tell me what she is. Then he says that when she said that she was going to fast for him, she did not think that she was thinking so seriously about it at that time.

Then we see that Shalini Hai says that she should not have informed Prithvi that she told Luthra about her becoming a mother. Then she says that she loves him very much and she also loves him very much. So that is why once I take revenge from Luthra, he will live happily with him.

She then tells her child that she will take the old revenge from Rishabh with Mehra’s help. After that Mehra says that today I am hungry and I feel that no one is going to help me.