Kundali Bhagya 18 September 2020 Written Update

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya you saw that Karna gets wet in the rain because she does not want to sleep in her room. Next you saw that he goes back inside his room, similarly, Preeta tells him to change clothes because he was wet. Karan changes clothes in Preeta’s room and tries to kiss her. After that the reason falls ill because the rain gets wet so that’s how Rain and Preeta take care of it. Sarla asks Preeta to make her first kitchen in Luthra’s house and they know that it is her family’s custom that the new bride who comes to her first feeds him something sweet and then does something else. And that’s why Sarla tells her that if you bring something sweet then she starts making pudding and she is still making pudding and Sarla comes there and sends her out of the kitchen for some work and she is in carrot halwa You mix lots of chilies and make that halwa bitter, all of you have seen in the last episode.

In the next episode you will be shown that Preeta prepares carrot pudding and she gives carrot pudding to the whole family. She tells everyone that one of her relationships should start on a good note with Sweet Halve below. Rishabh is happy and he agrees to eat the halwa prepared by Preeta. Now the family praises the halwa, Preeta tells them to eat the halwa. Because Preeta came to know about Sherlyn and Mahira’s plan, she had made arrangements to stop him. Sherlyn and Mahira are wondering why everyone is praising her Halwa, but she had already come to know about her plan and she had already done any investigation, so she threw that Halwa and He again made sweet pudding which is feeding everyone right now, similarly, the plan of both of them is not successful at all and their love towards Preeta increases.