Next you will see Kareena told Mehra to be happy with her husband without taking Karna’s name. And Grandma feels that if Rakhi was here, she would never bless Mehra. And then No matter how big she is, she is asking Mehra to love her husband because I love her very much and in turn asks her to love him too.

Kiran sees that she gives Mehra a ladoo and a plate of sargi, after which Mehra tells her that Ramuna has brought for him or not to bring Sir, who brings him for Preeta. Today we see that Kareena says that grandmother gives her Ramuna’s laddu and Mehra takes her from grandmother. The grandmother then tells them to eat their sargi.

Then Sherlyn gets a phone call from Prithvi, but after calling Sanjana, she has told her family a big lie. After that Rishabh asks what is it she is eating a sargi. After eating, Prithvi asks what is going on in Luthra’s house and she says that Preeta must be getting a lot of attention because it is her first Karva Chauth in this house.

And he would say that I am sure he would not have kept this exception when asked to do it. And she is a very simple and traditional girl and what will she keep that fast. Just as a person has to do, she is very much listening.

Then he says that he feels that the father has fasted for him. After that we see that Rush for all reason says that he should bar with the father instead of fighting with you and treat him well This will be good for them. After that we see the reason Mehra is telling her not to fight with him as she was fasting for him. And hearing this, everyone becomes silent and Grandma tells her time for the next silk. .

After that Sherlyn is given her plate but she says that I will not fast this time because I am going to be a mother so I do not want to keep the fast. After that Kareena and grandmother bless her and Mehra blesses her to become a mother Then we see that Preeta hugs her and says that she is happy and finally told everyone about her pregnancy.

Which the whole family was happy to hear. Then we see Dadi take her to the room. Then we see that Mehra tells Sherlyn that she cannot tolerate that when Corner is taking care of Preeta as she is very jealous. Only then, Sherlyn curses her unity, saying that everyone cares for her and keeps asking about what happened to Yamuna’s plan. After that Mehra encourages her that her plan will surely succeed. .