Kundali Bhagya 18 April 2021 Written Updates

Preeta reviews how Vijay revealed to her that her story appears to be fragmented and asks Prithvi that did he slaughtered Akshay. Mahira picks the call and advises that individual to check the record saying she moved the cash and requests that that individual not call her again on the grounds that she doesn’t need anybody to realize that she reached that individual. Sameer catches that and ponders with whom Mahira talked.

Sherlyn flinches in agony and drops her gems box and Pammi sees that and asks what befell her. Pammi gets amazed seeing Sherlyn’s gems. Sherlyn pushes her out of the room and bolts the entryway. Pammi plans to instruct exercise to Sherlyn. Prithvi says to Preeta that he didn’t murder Akshay. Preeta says to him that Karan will deal with her delivery. He says to her that he thinks Karan slaughtered Akshay. She says to him that Karan loves her and furthermore thinks often about her and shows the pad to him saying it’s Karan’s #1 pad. Read more…….



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