Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2021 Written Update

Preeta is applying the medication when she unexpectedly stops so karan asks what has occurred anyway she attempts to specify how there is only he says how she can’t even appropriately lie so asks her to initially apply the medication as they can discuss some other thing later, he specifies how he is likewise harmed in the back and when she begins applying the medication he felts truly anxious, she looks at him without flinching when he clarifies how he has missed her a ton, he inclines forward attempting to kiss her anyway she stops him and attempts to leave anyway he pulls her nearer making the medication be applied all over, he at that point additionally applies it all over prior to wishing her a glad Valentines day, she additionally answers so the two of them contact their heads and attempt to live at the time when out of nowhere his versatile rings anyway he drops it referencing how it was Rakhi, she requests that he respond to it anyway he says that he would talk later.



Preeta demands when Karan inquires as to whether this implies she doesnot need him to be with her, she asks on the off chance that it were an inquiry when he concurs posing to her to reply, she specifies how he needs to leave as it is the room of Shristhi and her anyway he makes reference to how he would not leave and stay with her.


Rakhi opening the entryway goes into the room of Mahesh, she giving him a rose blossom wishes him a cheerful valentines day and starts crying, she clarifies how she isn’t crying since he can’t give her a blessing yet is crying in light of the fact that since the time Preeta went out, karan has quit grinning, he has not imparted any of his inclination to her however she feels he would imparted his emotions to his dad, Sameer sees her conversing with Mahesh in the room, Rakhi specifies how he has rested a ton yet now his family needs him for which he should awaken, she begins crying so Sameer leaves the room.

Shristhi is dozing in the lobby when she gets a video call of Sameer, she feels that he may propose so closes the call, she drops inquiring as to for what reason does he need to talk in the evening, he considers what has gotten into her, he makes reference to how it is critical when she can’t understand so he say how she is distraught, Shristhi out of frustration calls him when the two of them out of resentment begin battling and he says how she has not encouraged her eliminate the false impressions among Karan and Preeta and he has seen Rakhi conversing with Mahesh and she was crying a direct result of the concern for Karan and Preeta’s relationship, Shristhi says how she would not disclose to him anything at that point specifies how Karan and Preeta has finished the issues and she would likewise not reveal to him that he is in the room of Preeta.


Sameer says how he adores her for the news which she has given and is happy that Karan and Preeta have eliminated all the mis understandings, he asks in the event that she saw him with her own eyes anyway she clarifies how she knows it and feels that there will praise the Valentines day, he specifies how the whole family was truly strained, Shristhi says how on the off chance that the two of them needed to fix the connection, why did they cause such a situation, She makes reference to how she would proceed to prod them since they have additionally caused a great deal of issues.

Karan attempts to rests when Preeta asks in the event that he is truly intending to lay down with her when he clarifies how she has a shirt of his and he would return from the front entryway wearing it so everybody feels that he has returned, Preeta specifies how she has a superior thought, and it is that he ought to really leave and return the following day anyway Karan clarifies how he no longer prefers to live in the room as now he is acquainted with see her in the room so when he can’t see her then it gets abnormal, Preeta makes reference to how she is consistently the first to wake so how could he see, he clarifies how he became accustomed to seeing the sofa wrecked, Preeta indeed differs anyway Karan makes reference to how they would speak candidly and on the off chance that she isn’t in the room, at that point he would likewise not live in a similar room.


Preeta and Karan both sit together when he pulls her nearer and she oppose her head on his shoulder he even kisses her temple when Shristhi abruptly thumps on the entryway, Karan makes reference to how her relative have wanted to break one of his bones, Preeta specifies how it very well may be Shristhi and karan quickly stows away, Shrishti goes into the room and rests on the bed saying how she can’t rest on the couch as it is minuscule anyway Preeta attempts to send her out of the room anyway then Shrishti subsequent to coming up with a rationalization of taking her cushion can see Karan so she at last leaves the room, Preeta promptly shuts the entryway.

Shristhi arrives at the corridor when Sameer is calling her and he quickly begs her to not upset Karan and Preeta as they ought to have the opportunity to burn through alone, at that point Shristhi makes reference to how she has come to realize that he is with her anyway Preeta was looking truly anxious and she could see the adoration which she had for Karan, Sameer likewise says how her voice changes when she is cheerful, she at that point specifies how he ought not come to propose then acknowledges how she may have said some unacceptable thing, Sameer makes reference to how she ought not concern since he won’t ever propose to her as she isn’t his sort. He closes the call when she asks why he said she was not his sort; she considers sending a conciliatory sentiment anyway won’t do as such.

Sameer in the room thinks why he is feeling so terrible as the two of them are not even sweetheart and sweetheart so he at that point considers how he should propose to her on the valentine’s day and she would not have the option to say anything.

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