Kundali Bhagya 17 September 2020 Written Update

In the episode of Kundali Bhagya you saw how Preeta sleeps on the bed below and she is sleeping on the balcony and it starts raining outside at midnight due to which Karan gets completely wet. But I do not go inside and then the rain starts getting too much, then Karan comes knocking on the door and Preeta opens the door and brings it inside. Tomorrow, when she comes inside, she is completely wet, then Preeta asks her to change her clothes and her ear is changing clothes, then Preeta starts molesting her.

In the next episode you will see that tomorrow he gets up next to Preeta due to his cold and fever, he regrets being very good with his father and also forgets that he has hurt his family. When the reason comes out of the room, Sarla calls the filter and to make it something for the Luthra family, it means her first day, so her family’s custom is that when her daughter-in-law goes to the kitchen on the first day, first If she makes something sweet, she speaks to make it sweet.

After that the father gets worried that no one will eat anything from my hand because everybody hates him and nobody wants to see Preeta around. Preeta comes to know about Sherlyn’s plan to go to the first kitchen. Mehra and asks Sharmila to leave the kitchen and try to scare her a lot but she fails to do so.

Sherlyn somehow threw Preeta out of the kitchen again. After Preeta’s exit, they mixed red chili powder in the halwa and filled it with chilli, because she did not want to see Preeta in this house and wanted to scold her.

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Similarly, we will see further whether all the family will eat pudding and what will be the condition of Preeta and what everyone will tell her, whether Preeta will be able to know who has added chili in the recent past.