Kundali Bhagya 17 April 2021 Written Update

Preeta says that on the off chance that she was out and Karan was standing, she would embrace him firmly and afterward his faults would have any impact on her, she is standing anyway Prithvi is irate, Preeta returning brings the cushion shouting that it is something similar without which he can’t rest so she realizes he came to meet the constable as they are not permitted in the prison,

she at that point additionally brings the Faluda which Karan had sent for her, she recalls the date where she was ravenous, karan offered her the chocolate yet she wouldn’t take it, he at that point brought the Faluda.Preeta shouts that this is love which doesnot must be rehashed, Karan and Preeta both miss each other as they territory way, karan smells her cover while she dozes on his pad in the police lockup. Read more…..



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