The scene starts with Rakhi advises Karan,Preeta that they are going to manali for their wedding trip. Karan asks what was the need of it. Rakhi says they are leaving tomorrow and says they are hitched now so they need to invest energy with one another that is the reason it’s essential. She says they are consistently occupied with house gives that is the reason she chose to send only them and instructs them to take this wedding trip bundle as her blessing.

Preeta says they as of now sees each other well indeed so it’s not required. Karan concurs with her. Rakhi says she realizes that Karan is content with his astonishment yet not appearing before others and says regardless of what they need to go and there they can even battle on the off chance that they need. She advises Girish to help Karan in pressing.

Preeta was going to leave from there saying she has work in the kitchen. Be that as it may, Karan stops her platitude she didn’t express gratitude toward him yet. She inquires as to for what reason should she express gratitude toward him. He says the only a couple of moments back he spared her from Rakhi’s reproving.