In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that people have refused to celebrate the honeymoon at night. And due to bad weather, Preeta once offered him that you sleep inside and the weather is very bad outside. It is going to rain but he still does not agree and Preeta saw Mehra and Shalin keeping an eye on her bedroom. And she starts flirting with Karma to burn those people.

And as you told me that it was going to rain but still Karna sleeps often and the night starts to pass too much and tomorrow is completely drenched in rain and after that Preeta is blushing and gonna do Comes to and Karan also wants Preeta to open the door and he goes inside. And Kar just tells her to open the arrest and she opens the door and then she helps Preeta to close the door which becomes a romantic moment between them as both of them were closing their door simultaneously. Love increases further and a romantic atmosphere is created.

Preeta says to Karan that you take off your shirt because it is all wet, and you will get fever if you put on the clothes you got and she brings him dry clothes and tells him, take off your shirt And it is said to wear dry clothes, that Preeta wants to see my body as usual. That is why making excuses. Mehra again stands near the door outside their bedroom. And whatever conversation is going on between Karan and Preeta. She is listening to how those people are talking romantic things to take off the shirt, she is listening to all the mehra, and is feeling very jealous.

Preeta goes too far to avoid seeing Karan, and yet she goes to a mirror. And from there a mirror has seen Karan stealing it. Reason comes to her and is trying to kiss her, and becomes very close to Preeta. At night, Preeta feels that Karan has got fever and cold and he is shivering and that is why he gives him medicine and takes care of him. But Kar molests her while romancing her.

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And in the latest episode, you will see that Mehra and Sailing are trying to see what is going on in Karan’s room, and he does not listen with ear, listening to how the day is celebrating him and making him happy. She is listening to it from both the outside and she is scared to hear that no one comes from anywhere and will ask us what we are doing here, then Preeta Karan Hag, and because Preeta knows that if I romance with Karma, it will jealous Mehra when he hugs each other. So they realize what they have in mind for each other.

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