Kundali bhagya 17 October 2020 Written Updates

Adi also sees that the father sees the real side of the earth. He comes to know when he slaps her and forces her to marry him and also threatens them. Next we see that a curtain arises and he starts beating the earth. The wind goes to help the earth but when he falls on the floor, he comes to know that he has fallen on the floor. Next we see that Preeti meets Janaki and Sight and they plan to run away. We then see that Sherlyn convinces her mother to talk to Kareena about Mehra and Karna’s marriage and then see that Preeta and Janaki are about to run away in a car but Pawan sends her goons there. And takes them into their possession.

Next we will see that Pawan prevents Parineetha from running away from him. And if he does not marry Preeta, he is threatening to shoot her. Earth is very happy or thanks to Pawan very much, after that we see that Pawan gets two bullets and seeing this, the Earth is very shocked. While Srishti and Janaki are completely scared and then retreat only now we will see if Pawan will kill Preeta or not.