Kundali Bhagya 16 April 2021 Written Update

The other woman constable hands Preeta the pad exhorting that she ought not educate anybody concerning it, she clarifies that her mother by marriage truly cherishes her, Preeta holding the pad carefully shrouded recollects when Karan shouted the two of them need to remain together in the room and afterward grabbed the cushion while she was lying on the bed, she embraces the pad weeping hysterically recollecting the excellent minutes that she went through with karan at Holi and how close they were, she likewise reviews when they moved at an occasion after which Karan even wouldn’t acknowledge her expression of remorse and not tuned in to reality, leaving her while she was captured.

Preeta is standing when the constable comes clarifying that somebody has come to meet her on orders from the higher specialists and she should talk when possible,Preeta understands that it is Karan, she is stunned to see that it is Prithvi, he expresses gratitude toward her for consenting to meet her, Preeta says that on the off chance that she had realized she would have certainly declined, Prithvi gets some information about him since he really focuses on her so has come for her then Karan is resting in the house, Preeta leaves requesting him to leave, he clarifies it isn’t reasonable in light of the fact that she is stressing for somebody who didn’t come for her and can’t see the affection which he has for her.


Preeta requests that he comprehend that he is conversing with a wedded individual, Prithvi shouts that she is stressed for that unfeeling Luthra, she doesnot merit an individual like him who is relentless, she arranges him to leave, he discloses that he needed to settle on a ton of decisions to meet her, he put forth a great deal of attempt just to see her since he adores her and possibly got fifteen minutes so assuming he can do this to meet her, can likewise go to any progression to guarantee that she leaves the prison.


Preeta driving him away says that he has no respect that he will wed Kritika so should adore her, Preeta cautions that she is indeed cautioning him to do nothing that messes up Kritika’s life, Prithvi makes reference to that he would likewise follow her request and would do nothing, he clarifies she is as yet not making the best decision as she is hanging tight for Karan who didn’t prevent her from getting captured which he would not have done on the off chance that he had the option to yet left tranquil as he just focused on her standing on the grounds that the whole family would begin accusing her, Prithvi specifies that any individual who attempts to hurt her he would consume the individual alive and not him live or even slaughter him, Preeta recalls that when the ACP went to their home Prithvi dropped the glass so she inquires as to whether he is the person who killed Akshay.Mahira strolls into the room considering how she failed to remember her portable, she noting the versatile asks the individual for what valid reason he called her when she advised him to not call her regardless and furthermore that he should initially check everything since he has moved the cash, she asks him to never call her again and shuts the entryway, Sameer is outside the room pondering who did Mahira move the cash to.

Sherlin is in the room taking the gems when she begins having compressions and sits on the couch, Pammi aunti seeing her comes to help her and gets stunned seeing the adornments, Sherlin inquires as to for what reason is she gazing at them and on the off chance that she has at any point seen them,


Pammi reacts that she additionally has a great deal of gems which she would show her at later, Sherlin says that assuming she wants to show her the gems, should blessing her a set, Pammi plunks down craving to converse with her anyway Sherlin sends her out of the house forcibly, Pammi while strolling recalls that she saw Sherlin slapping Prithvi and shouts she would not let her leave so effectively on the grounds that she is a visitor and Sherlin dealt with like a worker.

Preeta inquires as to whether he truly killed Akshay anyway he shouts what he implied was that he would do anything for her and assuming ACP discharges her, he would for 1,000 time get captured for the fault, Preeta requests that he quit accusing Karan anyway Prithvi inquires as to for what reason is she actually stressing for somebody who didn’t come to try and meet her and will do nothing expect resting anyway he is with her, read More…..


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