Next, you see that he said that the way he talked to Ramuna, anyone would get angry after hearing this. Then he says that it is being said by him by his son. After that, what is he doing?

Then grandma also dies to tease and she says that you had enough. He should rest now. Then we see that Karma still feels that Mehra does not want to live in this house at all. Sarala and Srishti were determined to show their contribution and drivers towards them.

We then see that Mehra is telling Sherlyn that she will do everything the father did right. And then we see that the father in the room asks if the reason is very angry with Sarla. So Kar replies to her that Sarla has to defend that he was absolutely right.

After that we see why anyone would fast for her when she is a married man and why she wants to fast for me.