Next we will see that the father tells the earth that now he has seen his real side. Kunwar Gaya knows well that Karma was absolutely right about the Earth. Prithvi tries to force Preeta to marry me. But she refuses to leave Delhi Karan. And then we see that a curtain arises and start beating the earth. Preeti was heard in Pawan calling for help and then he runs inside to save his brother.

Janaki and Srishti are left all alone on the other side, then they too leave from there in search of the father. And Pawan tries to help him in raising the earth. Then we see that Preeta takes advantage of this opportunity and closes the brothers inside.

She then meets Janki and she tells him that her memory has returned. She then says that Sherlyn and Prithvi tried to kill her on the day of Preeta’s engagement. He tried to kill her because he came to know that these two love each other. Kiran sees that Sherlyn says that there is only one mother, Sanjana, who can help Mehra.

She then says that Sanjana knows Kareena very well and that she is also his best friend. And she is the only person who can convince Kareena to remarry with Mohra. Sanjana asks Mehra to help her before agreeing.

Janaki Preeta and Srishti come running outside and see a car inside them. Prithvi and Pawan manage to leave the room with the help of their dolls. When the father starts running away from there, the earth and its goons come there and surround them all and catch them there. Now we will see further whether Preeta will be able to get away from Earth or not?