In the past scene of Kundali Bhagya, Sarla questions the assessor about Karan being moved to another prison. He will not answer her inquiries and harshly pose to her to leave. Sherlyn reviews the previous episodes and continues to stress over Megha’s requests. Rakhi shows up there and attempts to converse with Sherlyn when she tracks down her strained. Prithvi, remaining external the room, listens in on their discussion. Sherlyn deceives Rakhi that she simply needs to see Sanjana and later comes up with rationalization of feeling unwell.

Rakhi considers Dr Deepali and takes her arrangement. After she leaves, Sherlyn pledges to annihilate the Luthras and solicitations Prithvi to visit Dr Deepali with her. Prithvi weakly consents to it and they go through the night together. The following day, Kritika plans to eat with Dr Deepali, who is her old companion. Sameer consents to drop her and plans to get Srishti later to visit Karan in prison.

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In the most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi discloses to Pammi that she will meet Dr Deepali for Sherlyn’s clinical test. In any case, Sherlyn deceives her that she will see go there with Sanjana. Prithvi leaves after Sherlyn goes out and Pammi watches out for them. Pammi video calls Rishabh and enlightens him concerning Sherlyn’s arrangement. Pammi asks Rishabh to video call Sherlyn with the aim to uncover them.

kum kum bhagya 11 June 2021 written update

Preeta requests that Mahesh take as much time as necessary and Rakhi remains by her. They all vibe tragic to review Karan while examining it. Rakhi proposes them to visit Karan in prison together. Preeta won’t go with them, which stresses Mahesh and Rakhi. Sameer drops Kritika at Dr Deepali’s home and they go through some pleasant minutes. Sherlyn calls Dr Deepali and consents to visit her home. Prithvi reproves Sherlyn for lying that she is accompanying her better half.

Sameer and Srishti show up at the police headquarters and solicitation the controller to allow them to meet Karan. Srishti sneaks inside while Sameer is conversing with the assessor. The examiner chastens Srishti for sneaking inside and Karan apologizes to him. Before long, Srishti contends with the controller when he removes the tiffin from Karan. Preeta discloses to Rakhi that Karan is being moved to another prison. Rakhi gets vexed to discover that they wouldn’t be permitted to meet him. Rakhi consoles Preeta and discloses to her that Mahesh will discover an exit plan.