Scene starts with Kareena says at whatever point any capacity occurs in Luthra house Sarla comes and makes dramatization so today for her mom Preeta doing this and says she ought to be appreciative that her marriage occurred with Luthra’s child yet she isn’t changing her second rate class mentality and doing this only for consideration and cautions her to avoid her little girl since she didn’t showed her little girl to presume everybody. She says nobody will uphold her today since she crossed her cutoff points by denouncing her future child in law.

Karan requests that she stop and says Preeta won’t get anything by charging Akshay. She says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why Preeta did this and furthermore she doesn’t have a clue why she pushed Mahesh. Rakhi advises her to not bring the past. Kareena says nobody talking regarding the previous that is the reason Preeta doing this now and undermines her to not make any issue in her girl’s marriage and requests that Karan not help his better half else he may lament later and advises him that Krithika is his sister.

He says he realizes that and he cherishes her sister so much yet he doesn’t think that its important to demonstrate his adoration for his sister to anybody and leaves from that point. She says she won’t leave anybody in the event that anybody make issue in Krithika’s marriage, at that point and advises them to not help Preeta. Mahira advises Sherlyn that Kareena shouted at Preeta for denouncing Akshay and nobody upheld her on the grounds that Kareena didn’t allow anybody to talk and inquires as to whether Preeta backoff now subsequent to hearing Kareena’s notice.

Sherlyn says they needs to ensure that Preeta keep speculates Akshay. Karan reveals to Preeta that dislike he doesn’t trust her however she thinks a ton and says her activities are principle issue since she manages without pondering the outcomes yet at whatever point somebody harms her it’s difficult for him to control his indignation. He says he realizes that she thinks often about Krithika and on the off chance that Akshay refuted as individual, at that point he will be the one to remain against him and advises her to not think anything now.

Mahira asks Sherlyn that what’s her arrangement. Sherlyn says they needs to simply talk and Preeta will do all the activities. Sherlyn sees Preeta coming that side and discloses to Mahira that she feels Akshay isn’t hero and tricking Krithika. Mahira gets some information about it. Sherlyn says she saw him with young lady. Mahira says they ought do nothing in light of the fact that as per Kareena he is hero. Hearing their discussion Preeta goes to meet Sristy.

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