The complete own circle of relatives is likewise ready whilst Preeta asks the nurse how is Sonakshi doing, she replies that the blood has been organized through the call of karan Luthra so she goes to get it, Karan comes to tell that he has organized the blood and thinks they ought to cross again, Karina additionally says that she feels they have got carried out sufficient for her as they even introduced her from the twist of fate scene and fulfilled all of the essential requirements, she turns pronouncing they are able to ship a person to fulfil some other requirements, Preeta questions who could they ship whilst Karina says they’re now no longer entitled to assist her as it’s miles the obligation of her father, she questions if Preeta is questioning they’re chargeable for what took place, Karina realizes that she is proper, Preeta replies that Sonakshi were given withinside the twist of fate due to what

took place withinside the residence, Dadi and Sarla additionally attempt to mention that she need to now no longer assume they’re at fault as it became simply an twist of fate, Preeta mentions that she is aware of Sonakshi were given withinside the twist of fate due to what she became considering and so they’re responsible whilst Sarla once more clarifies they’re now no longer at fault, karan shows they want to move again to their residence whilst the medical doctor comes out, Preeta questions what’s her situation.
The medical doctor says that she is higher however has injured her ft so could now no longer have the ability to stroll for a few time, she simply wishes a whole lot of rest, the medical doctor says that she is looking to speak with simply Preeta, Karina attempts to forestall Preeta pronouncing that she ought to now no longer cross and meet her as then she could get emotional however Preeta leaves assuring she could now no longer sense any type of pressure, Shristhi questions why is she so satisfactory because it isn’t proper and she or he need to now no longer be involved approximately Sonakshi due to the fact if she remains right here then could now no longer depart Pihu, she feels Sonakshi could come to the Luthra residence and live with them, Karina is likewise actually tensed whilst Sarla thinks why does Preeta now no longer apprehend that she isn’t at fault, Sarla leaves with out taking note of some thing Shristhi is pronouncing, Rakhi additionally follows her.
Preeta enters the room, Sonakshi exclaims she doesnot apprehend what type of mistake she has made in her existence that she became pressured to go through such hardships, she can’t apprehend some thing, Preeta seeing her situation says she need to now no longer be involved and ought to make certain she becomes healthful, Sonakshi exclaims Preeta is actually satisfactory and had she been a few different women, she could had been satisfied to look her situation but Preeta isn’t like this, Sonakshi requests Preet to now no longer name her father in any other case he could create a whole lot of scene which she can’t bear, Preeta questions why can they now no longer name her father as then who could contend with her, Sonakshi says that she will get a motel reserving and could no cross again to her residence, she requests Preeta to present her the phone.

Sarla is taking walks whilst Rakhi coming from in the back of questions what goes on in her coronary heart as she appears tensed but Sarla says that it’s miles not anything of the sort, Karan from in the back of says that Sarla could inform her but she doesnot talk whilst Karan mentions she could inform him what goes on in her coronary heart, Sarla says she doesnot realize what she is questioning is truly some thing to be involved approximately, Sarla then says that she feels if Preeta sees the situation of Sonakshi then may get tensed, and she or he doesnot appear satisfactory after seeing her in any such country of tension, Karan says that she need to now no longer be involved due to the fact he’s going to constantly be there for her, he hugs Sarla and mentions she is his mother, Rakhi then jokes explaining she feels he loves Sarla greater and so she is getting jealous, karan even hugs her and all of them percentage a second as a own circle of relatives.

Karina going to Mahesh asks what does he sense Rakhi is making an attempt to do as they have got carried out plenty for Sonakshi so now ought to depart, Shristhi additionally says she for the primary time consents with Karina as all of them ought to cross again, he says he could communicate with Rakhi, whilst she comes he shows they ought to depart now, karan additionally consents however says all of them need to wait or Preeta, she popping out of the room asks Karan to get her discharged, Karan in a country of misunderstanding questions what’s she attempting to mention, Sarla is likewise now no longer capable of apprehend some thing, Karan explains he has now understood and feels Preeta has misplaced her mind, Preeta then explains she feels they want to take Sonakshi with them to their home, he replies he could now no longer be a part of this so leaves them all, Rakhi replies they’ll by no means forestall her from bringing all people together along with her however now no longer Sonakshi, Bani Dadi additionally says she is with Karan, Preeta attempts to provide an explanation for they ought to contend with her whilst even her father isn’t together along with her, Shristhi questions if Sonakshi has stated this whilst Preeta replies that she wants to cross and test in a motel but Preeta desires to take her, Karina replies that in the event that they take Sonakshi then it might spoil the entirety inflicting a whole lot of problems.

Sarla asks Preeta to concentrate to what all of the elders are pronouncing and need to now no longer be so stubborn, Preeta says Sarla herself taught them to constantly be equipped to assist all people and had she been a stranger then what could have they carried out, Rakhi questions if she is certain that she would go away after you have healthful, Preeta mentions she feels so however then Sarla thinks that she fears what could take place if her mind got here genuine.

In the night time Preeta allows Sonakshi at the mattress then palms her the cell, Sonakshi is greatly surprised to look her cell whilst Preeta replies it were given damaged on the twist of fate webweb page and she or he had it repaired, Sonakshi says that she most effective simply taken into consideration Preeta as her sister, however she has actually looked after her like a sister, Preeta leaves pronouncing that if she wishes to get healthful then need to forestall crying.
Sherlin sees Sonakshi sitting so assume she want to discover the real purpose she has come to their residence, she going to Sonakshi gives to constantly be there for her however Sonakshi says she does now no longer want her assist and she or he can depart, Sonakshi additionally asks the nurse to move as she may be fine, the nurse says she can be able to cross ask the medical doctor, Sherlin asks why is Sonakshi searching at her like this, Sonakshi threatens to constantly be there to shield Preeta as she is similar to her elder sister, Sherlin questions what’s she pronouncing whilst she is speakme of her relation with Pihu, Sonakshi replies she is aware of Sherlin is indignant together along with her due to the fact she attempted to expose her genuine face even after what everybody stated however Sherlin need to now no longer assume she can be able to get afraid of her, Sonakshi asks Sherlin to go away so she walks out of the room whilst Sonakshi is at the mattress.

Preeta is with Pihu and Karan, she attempts coaching her the call of Rishab Luthra, Karan questions what’s she coaching her so informs her that Rishab is his elder brother, Pihu questions then why does she now no longer have any elder brother, Prithvi in surprise asks if Rishab is truly coming again, he says that he could should hurry and forge the enterprise papers to his personal call. The nurse asks Sonakshi why she does have a lot love for Pihu asking what relation she has, Sonakshi exhibits she is her daughter.