At the beginning of the episode of Kundli Bhagya, Sameer asks Srishti how can you blackmail me like this and Srishti replies that if you don’t listen to me, I will tell everyone in the house that you have made me a kitchen. Tried to kiss at home and sister says I will do what I said once if you don’t listen to me then Kareena tells Rashi to tell the servant to remove this wedding decoration and she says That I am walking a lot after seeing all this and after that her father comes there and he says take it to the guest room and then asks Rakhi to come with him and then Rishabh asks if He doesn’t even call her and then tells her that he doesn’t need her because he will force her to go to his room and then Daddy says that after doing all this drama Karan will want to stay away from Preeta. Why do you call them forced.

There, on the other hand, Kareena says that the reason is that today will have to stay in the guest room only for today and she knows a lawyer who could handle the police inspector and Anju Ladies police inspector and Anju Ladies ladies. There is no need to worry, he can stay in Kashmir for sure. Kashmir says that Kareena is fine because the guest room is safe for Karma. Then Karan is asking why he does such things for my safety. Nothing is going to happen to me and on the other hand Sameer says that not letting Karan go to his room proves that he is a coward and he is afraid of Preeta and he has a thief in his mind that is why he went to her room Not going if you are right then you should not be afraid to go to his room and it becomes your right and he says that Preeta had just come to the Luthra family house and she has already gone to the room in the karma room And I tell him to do all this, you should not be afraid at all and do not be a coward

Then Kareena finds out that Sameer is deliberately inciting her to go to Preeta’s room and she asks Sameer why he is inciting Karma and I tell us not to listen to Sunil at all. Listen, he keeps talking like this and on the other hand Amir says that I am not talking about Karma but he heard Preeta and Srishti saying that Karma is timid and why he left his room and his joke While flying I have heard him then Karna says that I will just show what kind of person he is and after saying this he goes to his room Mr. Rishabh is relieved he scolds Kareena and Sameera a lot he To escape from her, Kareena runs away from there. Kareena says that Sameer has gone completely crazy and after that Rishabh does not say anything to her and Amir is only tense because of the things that have happened in his house then Kritika says Says that Preeta has also changed a lot

And then Mehra stops there tomorrow and says that the police inspector is not there right now so we can talk here and he says he is going to his room don’t stop him and Mehra She tells him not to go to his room. It is not good and the police inspector can come anytime and after that Sameer informs Srishti that I have persuaded Sameer to go to the room and he The room has just moved forward. You have to handle whatever you have to do. And on the other hand, you just get upset thinking about what Preeta will do now if Srishti says that she doesn’t need to worry because she used to fight with Preeta Karan. Srishti says that I will do the whole gland that I can say with the whole gland that today Preeta will not fight with Karan and she will do sweet things with karma, she will do things full of love and she She will apologize to him, she will apologize, you see, she says that Sarla has already warned Preeta for everything, seeing heaven, she will treat you like a wife, she is sure of this and she She thanks him

Then Mehr says that she never thought that Karna would go to her room so soon. Sherlyn says that she knows tomorrow very well. She is going there to prove that she belongs to the Luthra family. Nothing will happen except who the boss is and Mehra is not sure about what she said but she goes to the room after which Karna reaches her room and there is saying that Preeta is never in her plan You guys won’t be able to see and I don’t say anything to him. The group doesn’t say anything and the group doesn’t say anything and he is very surprised by the answer and then Karan and Preeta Preeta and Preeta Preeta after Karan and Preeta Preeta and Preeta Preeta. Mehra gets very angry when he sees Preeta and Karna passing by and Mehra gets very angry and he tells Preeta to leave his room but he gets inside from Mehra and June 6 to June. On June 6, he looks around and locks the room from the inside

Karna and me are completely haraam then Preeta praises him from the window and he goes away tomorrow even after listening to her conversation and he suddenly hugs her and starts apologizing to her and starts here This episode of ours ends