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In the episode you will be shown that Prithvi assures Pawan and Preeta loves him, so that he will be ready to get married. Next you will see that one of the kidnappers found a member of his gang’s house locked and locked in a room. Similarly, I tell him that Janaki has now survived. Prithvi starts to find out about this and becomes very worried.

In the same way, what is happening with the wind, knowing that Janaki is his biggest enemy, I can also put him in big trouble. Similarly, Janaki listens to all the interactions of the earth and sees it. Earth goes back to the room where Preeti Srishti remains. Next you will see that she frees them and asks Prachi to speak with her for 2 minutes. Karan confronts Preeta and is still in that room.

Next you will see that when Preeta comes to pick them up, Preeta refuses to go with her and
Srishti tries to catch them. Janaki threw a bouquet that falls on Pawan’s head. Similarly, Janaki throws the stool at her and she faints. Next you will see that in Luthra House, Reason has left his honor and all his clothes in his room, so he is convinced that he is talking about running away.

Prachi forces Prithvi into her room and tries hard to convince her to marry him. Similarly, Preeta stops her but she is very surprised to see his behavior. Today you will see Janaki wakes up and starts remembering how her memory was lost before Prithvi and Sherlyn tried to kill her.