In the most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya, Karan prods Preeta before a woman constable, who requests that she leave. Srishti and Sameer show up at the police headquarters to meet Karan. They quarrel about Megha’s part in Akshay’s homicide. Srishti says that she speculates Ruchika’s admission, however Sameer disregards it.

Preeta shows up there and contemplates conversing with their families about getting them hitched. Preeta requests that Srishti and Sameer meet her again at the police headquarters following a couple of hours. Preeta goes to an emergency clinic to gather Mahesh’s clinical reports. In the mean time, Mahesh and Rakhi talk about their old recollections in their old house. Pammi shows up there and attempts to turn Rakhi against Preeta.

Be that as it may, Mahesh calls Rakhi to examine something and Pammi’s arrangement gets thwarted. Ruchika visits Megha and attempts to undermine her. Megha snickers at Ruchika in the wake of uncovering that her child Akash isn’t Akshay’s youngster. Megha considers herself Akshay’s better half when Ruchika blames her for his homicide. At a clinic, Preeta sees Megha and discovers that she is pregnant with Akshay’s kid.

Prithvi calls Megha and she neglects to answer the call. Preeta starts to follow Megha, who is searching for a spot to converse with Prithvi. Read more….