Kundali Bhagya 14 April 2021 Written Update

He attempts to enter when Rakhi ventures out alone, he asks where is Preeta when Rakhi answers that she has helped Preeta fled from the house, ACP gets frantic and demands entering when Rakhi stops him saying that this piece of the house holds the rooms of her girls in law, it isn’t directly on his part, he arranges the woman official to bring out Preeta, he says that he regards Rakhi as a ladies however she ought not power him to carry on discourteously with her.

The woman official gets Preeta binds, she says that Rakhi had secured her in the room, Rakhi going to Preeta inquires as to why she not ran in any event, when she asked her in light of the fact that the police would some way or another capture and put her in jail.Karan shouts that he doesnot need to hear her heartbroken and the story, he leaves the corridor while Preeta takes a stab at arguing anyway she turning up sees Mahira pointing that it is the day three, she in this manner acknowledges what might have occurred. Read more…..



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