Scene starts with Sristy attempts to open Akshay’s versatile and checks the messages first. Akshay says he can’t took any choice out of frustration. Sristy calls Preeta to come clean about Akshay. Preeta says she is feeling terrible. Akshay says that is fine and requests that she go to the call.

Sristy comes clean with Preeta that she know and says Akshay takes part in an extramarital entanglements with Ruchika. Preeta advises her to not say like that on the grounds that a few seconds ago he demonstrated his blamelessness and Ruchika is only his companion. Sristy says he is lying and illuminates about his consider history and peruses the messages. Akshay understands that his versatile is missing.

Preeta reveals to Sristy that Akshay looking through his portable and advises her to not get captured by him. Akshay sees his portable on floor and takes it. Girish educates Preeta that Rakhi calling her. Akshay says he got the portable. Sherlyn reveals to Mahira that now she got it how to seek retribution on Preeta. She says in Manali Preeta said she is offering kindness on her by not giving objection against her since she is pregnant and says she is Mahira’s ally consistently and that Preeta offended them so she won’t leave Preeta now and advises her to prepare to affront her before everybody and says now they will utilize Krithika and educates her that what occurred in guestroom so they needs to utilize this against Preeta on the grounds that it’s about Krithika’s life so Kareena and Karan won’t leave Preeta.

Sristy reveals to Preeta that Akshay isn’t the correct person for Krithika. Preeta says she needs to do not many forthcoming works. Girish hears their discussion and advises Preeta to go with her colloquialism he will deal with it. Sristy takes Preeta to visitor room and they acts like Akshay needs to acquaint Ruchika with Luthra’s. Ruchika hears everything from concealing cabinet.

Preeta says she is shocked with Krithika’s penance saying she doesn’t has any issue with Ruchika and Akshay’s marriage. Ruchika grins hearing them however stuns reading  Akshay’s message. She thinks she returned again here to stow away however now she needs to get away from regardless. Sameer asks what Sristy doing in stopping zone. Sristy enlightens him concerning Ruchika. Sameer sees Ruchika getting away from that point.

Preeta says Ruchika isn’t only a companion of Akshay and they can’t allow him to ruin Krithika’s life. Sristy says it is difficult to uncover him. Ruchika advises Akshay to remain cautious with Preeta.

Sherlyn acquaints Mahira with Akshay. Preeta reveals to Sristy that she needs to advise everything to Karan and he will confide in her since it’s about Krithika’s life. Read More….