As soon as the episode starts, Rakhi comes to Mahesh’s room and tells her that she has rested. Now she should wake up because she wants to do a very important thing with him but she is not responding right now. Then she says that she has been taking all important decisions for her family through very difficult situations. But now she says that she has to do everything alone. After that we see further that Rakhi is about to complain to Mahesh about Sarla but she gets silent after seeing Shaileen and Mehra there. Then Mehra says that she should not apply any of Sarala’s words to her heart because she keeps speaking like this.

Today we see that Sherlyn says that Sarla always shouts at Luthra and continues to create problems in her actions by doing drama and she is doing it now because she sees problem in everything and Mehra says It is said that Ramona has always helped Luthra and Sarla is well aware of this and Sarla also knows that her mother had treated Sarla very badly, for which she became very angry.

Rakhi, who is silent after hearing all this, shouts loudly at him and says that she knows why he does not like Sarla, it does not mean that he will make such things about her.

Then she says that they should have stopped talking against Sarla and should have been considered at least of age but she did not. Then I say that I had come to spend some time with Mahesh, but what did I know that this will happen here and everything has been spoiled from here. After that we see that Janki is after killing her and says that she thought that Janaki would hide somewhere.

All she says is that he had knocked Janaki unconscious and she did not know where he would take her. Preset has told Gabbar that she already tells him that he does not know about the mantra of marriage. Then Gabbar says that he felt that the priest was lying on seeing the gun, but I did not know the truth. After that we see that Rishabh says that he has not blamed anyone. But I say that he has questions for his family and he says that this is not the right time to ask questions. Because he knows that no one has the answers to those questions right now.

Pawan asks why did he get so drunk. Prithvi says that his heart was broken. Pawan says that he has brought the heart and happiness of the earth for her and shows Preeta. Prithvi is shocked to see Preeta and Sister there. He tries to tell Preeta that she can’t see him like this, but Pawan takes her from there saying that he wants to talk to her for 2 minutes.

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