Rakhi loses in the sport and Mahesh asks her to admit something. She tells him that she known as him as brother as soon as and he or she nevertheless feels embarrassed considering that. Then Dadi loses in the sport and Kritika asks her to expose her performing talent. Dadi tells that she want a accomplice to finish her dare and Srishti will become Dadi’s accomplice and Dadi completes the dare. Everyone praises Dadi and Srishti.

And they maintains the sport and Sherlyn, Kritika loses collectively in the sport. Sherlyn indicates to bop on the ‘dola re dola’ tune and he or she dances with Kritika on that tune. Everyone claps for them once they completes the dare. Achila actions from there to wait the call.

Preeta loses in the sport. Dadi tells them that Preeta won’t do something. Rakhi tells her that then Preeta will win the sport with out doing something. Karan indicates that Preeta can play blinking sport with him as dare. Mahesh teases him pronouncing that the latter by no means leaves the hazard to romance with Preeta.

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