The episode starts with Rhea asking Prachi what is going to she do if Ranbir performed the identical to her. Prachi says that Ranbir won’t do this type of aspect as he doesn’t thoughts such things. She says he’s different. She tells Rhea that if she calls Siddharth and asks him to return back lower back pronouncing love you to him then he’s going to come walking to her. Prachi asks her to vow that she can be able to name Siddharth. Rhea tells her that she can be able to name. Prachi hugs her fortuitously and leaves from there pronouncing she is knowing and loving. Rhea sits on her mattress and says that they’re now no longer know-how what she is pronouncing. She says that she desired Pallavi to ship Ranbir together along with her however she continues to be now no longer calling her. She reharses a way to act infront of them. Sony comes and tells her that Pallavi is asking her.

Rhea fortuitously is going downstairs and Pallavi asks her to visit Bangalore. Rhea denies pronouncing she can’t tour on my own and says she can’t come together along with her due to the fact she is busy, Vikram can’t come together along with her due to the fact he us recovering, Dida has to take her drug treatments on time and her fitness won’t assist het to tour this long. She then says that Prachi is busy in Kitchen and in looking after everyone. Rhea thinks that she is awaiting Pallavi to inform Ranbir as she has already given all of the names to her. Pallavi then asks her to depart with Ranbir. Rhea in step with her plan denies pronouncing he has a piece to do. Vikram says he’s going to manipulate thr work. She says Prachi can be on my own to which Pallavi says they’re there for her. She asks Ranbir to return back to the downstairs.

Mitali together with Tanu, Aliya and Pammi are ragging Shagun and her co worker. Pointing at their cooking. Pragya comes there and that they whinge to her. Pragya asks them to take go away from cooking and asks Tanu and the own circle of relatives to prepare dinner dinner for themselves. She asks them to unnecessarily forestall taunting the maids. The maids thank her and leaves from there. Tanu lawsuits to Abhi that Pragya has insulted her infront of the servants. Aliya helps her in it. Pragya comes inquiring for her key. Abhi says that his own circle of relatives is staying for him and she or he has humiliated them. She says that is her residence. Abhi sata he’s going to earn for himself from now on. He suggests her the automobile key and springs out of the residence to pressure the automobile. Pragya giving a glance to them leaves from there.

Pallavi tells Ranbir to go along with Rhea however Ranbir denies he has a piece to do. Rhea places up an act. Pallavi says she is aware of a way to make him conform to it and calls Prachi. She tells Prachi that she needs him to go along with Rhea however he’s denying. Prachi asks him to move and he agrees.

Ranbir calls Siddharth and tells him that they’re cominh to Bangalore due to him. He tells him that she loves him a lot. Prachi comes there whilst he turned into complaining approximately her to him. Prachi cuts the name. Ranbir stands angrily and denies to speak to her. Prachi comes towards him and asks whether or not he’s going to communicate now. The Screen Freezes.