Preeta is in her room, stressing for what has occurred, how Rakhi was crying in the room, Karan additionally goes into the room looking for Preeta, he goes to her, she promptly embraces him, and doesnot even leave him, she making a stride back is standing, clarifying everybody in the house is truly strained particularly Rakhi in light of the fact that who was crying, everybody expected a daily existence loaded up with bliss yet presently are broken, Preeta answers Rakhi loves her a great deal and she feels they ought to likewise offer them something as a trade-off, Karan guarantees that time would recuperate everything,

Preeta answers Rakhi gave him life, he consequently gave her a day to day existence so she feels they ought to likewise give her a daily existence, Karan questions what does she mean, she says she wants to be a mother. Karan is flabbergasted, the two of them investigate each other’s eyes, he recalls the minutes went through with her. Karan kissing her temple is truly glad and continually grinning, she has given him the best information on his life.

Prithvi compromises Mahira that he will come clean to everybody. She says she won’t be frightened and advises him to go on. He says, fine, he will reveal to Luthra Family that she is behind Sherlin’s mishap. He accumulates everybody and pointing finger at Mahira (or another person), he says s/he is behind Sherlin’s mishap.