Scene starts with Krithika asks Preeta that for what reason she is taking her towards guestrooms. Preeta says she needs to show her something and advises her to not approach whatever else for the present. Krithika stops and says her pressure expanding and requests that she state what’s wrong. Ruchika advises Akshay to recollect that she adores him. He says he also love her and they hears strides. She requests that he not go anyplace leaving her and embraces him.

Preeta discloses to Krithika that she has the right to know this first and says nothing will change in her life since she is acceptable young lady and says Akshay selling out her and hauls her alongside her maxim she should see. Preeta stuns not seeing Ruchika with Akshay and gets some information about her. Karan also comes there. Krithika sees liquor in Akshay’s grasp advises him to address Preeta’s inquiry. Preeta was going to discuss Ruchika however Krithika intrudes on saying she is disillusioned with him since he broked his guarantee expecting Preeta discussing his drinking.

Karan inquires as to why Preeta brought Krithika here. Preeta says she isn’t discussing liquor and Akshay knows it as well. Akshay says he was anxious for marriage that is the reason drank tad and requests that Karan help him. Karan says it is anything but a serious deal so Krithika ought not overcompensate. Preeta says she didn’t carried Krithika to show this.

Akshay apologize to Krithika and says he will toss it at the present time. Preeta requests that they listen her expression she didn’t carried Krithika to show Akshay’s beverage and uncovers about Ruchika. Ramona, Sherlyn also comes there . Preeta says she saw Akshay with one young lady and asks who is that young lady. She says he brought that young lady straightforwardly here and she was vexed that he is wedding Krithika and he embraced her to comfort her. She reveals to him not untruth since she heard everything and says Luthra’s believed him however he isn’t the correct counterpart for Krithika.

Krithika explains to Akshay to reply and inquires as to why he was apprehensive when he ought to be content with their marriage. He says he was apprehensive in view of office work and he is glad that he is wedding her. He says he can demonstrate everything and asks does she truly figures he can deceive her and on the off chance that she thinks he is that sort of individual, at that point that is an affront to their relationship. He says there was one young lady with him in this room and shows studs to Krithika saying Ruchika came to give this blessing and she was furious that he didn’t welcome her.

Krithika says Ruchika was their school companion. Ramona, Sherlyn admonishes Preeta for her conduct towards Akshay. Preeta discloses to Sristy that she misconstrued Akshay. Ruchika who was covering up in the cabinet till now comes out and escapes from that point. Karan says Preeta is worried about Krithika that is the reason she responded that way. Read More….