Preeta poses what his inquiry is. Karan says Preeta didn’t disclose to him how she was harmed. Preeta says okay, he minds at that point. Karan acknowledges that he wants to think about it. Preeta lies that she felt lazy. Karan gets her untruth.

Preeta says she felt lazy, fell and got harmed. Karan says Preeta is harmed every day in her heart, at whatever point Mahira approaches. Preeta denies feeling envious of Mahira. Karan says Mahira thinks about him, loves him also and may quick for him too. Preeta was irritated and says Mahira may do it.

Karwachot is a custom and just spouses keep the quick. Karan pulls Preeta closer, inquiring as to whether she couldn’t care less on the off chance that somebody gets this near him. She answers no. He pulls her closer, she answers no. He currently embraces Preeta.

Preeta embraces Karan back, to his help. At the point when they part, Preeta says she couldn’t care less if Mahira quick for him or not. She goes to offer medication to Rakhi.