Kundali Bhagya 11 September 2020 Written Update

As soon as the episode started, Sarita was told by her mother to tell her many times how to deal with her mother-in-law in her in-laws but she says that I am not advising you, she does not even have to come to Srishti and Jaanki does not listen to Sarla’s conversation and after that Srishti says that it is very difficult to understand Sarla’s feeling and literally no one has come to guess when she is laughing and crying Bhanwar Sarla tells her That this is a new beginning for the UK and it needs to be handled with all the brothers in mind and whatever problem may arise it must be handled by its family unitedly and not let itself be broken and the son says That she doesn’t even want to argue and enter the house and repeatedly says that she is not his wife and she says that she still blames him for Mahesh’s condition

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Sarla says that Mehra and Jacqueline are right where this misunderstanding has arisen so there is no need for them to worry and everything will be fine there and that Mahesh will fight Luthra While fighting, they will have to fight themselves. Karna has told another big lie that she had sent a legal notice but she did not send any such notice, so why did she lie and she says that Karna is not a person to do it again. He is also a friend of Preeta. I have quarreled with him and get angry but there is one for it

On the other hand, Sherlyn tells Maihar that Karan is not happy to see Preeta’s face, which means he doesn’t want to see her face, but I don’t understand how he can accept her as his wife. Not because she could prove that she came to the Luthra family just for money and not to do anything else and she says that the reason is absolutely right and he can also prove Preeta wrong and his idea is nothing. Mehra says that Karan hates Preeta very much that is why Sharing is absolutely right and she will not have any thoughts and says that the dream of 20 of tonight’s fight will be shattered and the very next day when he himself You will throw it out of your house and after that the leftovers will dry up and shatter with it. Sarla says that she also knows that Preeta will remove all misunderstandings with her love and friendship.

And further faintly says that I know my weakness and strength well and she knows what is my weakness and what is my strength that is why she will not take any time to clear all the misunderstandings and that is where everyone’s heart After winning, Preeta says that she governs all the relations and Preeta also tells the NGO ladies that we both have to enter the house together, there is someone to sweeten and also told that Thanedar is her fan and Karna Says he just wanted a selfie with her which he advised to do of course tell him to go to his room because i have to rest now i am already very tired then who says to do Says I sleep with you today but Rishabh says no you let me rest and go to your room and relax and then something starts to go wrong

And then Daddy tells Karne that if he doesn’t want to go to his room then don’t let anyone source him and then Sameer calls Srishti and tells her that tonight Karma will sleep in the guest room and Srishti says That he needs to do something to help Colonel’s father and we must do something and he says that he wants to do everything that Preeta doesn’t want to do so Sameer tells him that Preeta wants him in his room Sameer says that he will not tell anything to Karan and then Srishti says that if you tell something then I will tell everyone that you tried to kiss me in the kitchen and I am very surprised to hear him say that. And this is where the episode ends