Preeta is searching for her garments when Shristhi clarifies how they are in the base rack, Preeta at that point plunks down when Shrishti bring water for her, she attempts to quiet her down anyway Preeta makes reference to how she doesnot realize what’s going on since, in such a case that Karan believed her at that point would not have left her as he doesnot care for her which she has acknowledged then there is no reason for hanging on the relationship,

Shristhi shouts how she realizes that Karan loves her and would call him anyway when she calls him and clarifies how she has become acclimated to living alone so doesnot know how he would lay down with Preeta, karan shouts how he understands what she is saying as Preeta aggravates an individual so he needs a break and has stuffed her garments which he would send when he gets a period.

Preeta leaves saying how she needs to rest when Shristhi thinks about what she has done as might have likewise held up till the morning, Karan is additionally in his room asking why Preeta made such a stride, he even requests Sameer to leave clarifying how Karina bua was calling him. Read More…..