Kundali Bhagya 11 April 2021 Written Update

Karan comes asking what is wrong, ACP inquires as to whether they are each one of those in the house, Rakhi uncovers there are still some more individuals anyway they are occupied in dealing with Mahesh on the grounds that he has emerged from the unconsciousness after quite a while,

she would have been pleased on the off chance that he would have come as a visitor anyway is inflexible to grill their family, ACP guarantees her that being a cop he has a metro obligation and they must be extra careful on the celebrations, she asks everybody where they were somewhere in the range of six and seven the past evening, when he asks Kritika she says that she was in a vehicle which makes him dubious.


Preeta prevents police from contacting Karan. She says Karan didn’t do anything, it’s her mix-up. She cries disclosing to Karan that she planned to advise him. He says, however you didn’t tell. He further says that he would not like to hear her story. Mahira giggles. Read more……


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