Kundali Bhagya 10 April 2021 Written Updates

Scene starts with Preeta gets some information about CCTV room of an inn. Server won’t reveal to her expression she can get some information about it to Manager. Kritika comes there and says to Waiter that she joined today just as lodging incharge and gets some information about CCTV room of an inn saying she need to check something. Server takes her to CCTV room of a lodging. Preeta follows them. Prithvi masks himself as a lady and emerges from the room and asks Sherlyn that how he is looking. He says nobody will remember him and asks what she will wear. She says she will sit tight for him in the hall just and advises him to zero in on his work. She asks does he recall what he needs to do. He says to Sherlyn that he recall that he needs to erase the CCTV film of most recent 3 days.

Lodging director Manish reveals to Police that he previously checked the CCTV film however discovered nothing dubious and takes them to CCTV room of an inn. Server speculates Kritika and Preeta and thinks he needs to illuminate about them to Manager. Prithvi goes into the CCTV room. Inn staff says she isn’t permitted to enter there and advises her to go out else he needs to call the Manager. Prithvi attempts to offer pay off to him. Sherlyn figures she doesn’t need Police to discover any proof against Prithvi that is the reason she went with him to help and she previously discovered one proof which can demonstrate that Prithvi is Akshay’s killer. Preeta sees CCTV film room and advises about it to Kritika saying seems like Waiter presumes them.


Prithvi asks Hotel staff to erase the CCTV film of most recent 3 days. Lodging staff press the alert catch and bolts the entryway saying currently Police will manage Prithvi. Police and Manish runs towards CCTV film room. Preeta comes there and gets some information about alert sound. Inn staff goes to bring the Police. Prithvi erases the recording and escapes from that point. Preeta discovers that as of now somebody erased the recording. Inn staff advises everything to Police. Server informs Police regarding Preeta and Kritika. Preeta says to Kritika that somebody previously erased the CCTV film. Kritika sees Sherlyn in the lodging and educates about it to Preeta.


Preeta requests that Kritika not come clean to anybody. She says she doesn’t realize she is liable for Akshay’s demise or not and says she certainly doesn’t need Kritika to deal with any issue. Kritika says it was Akshay who mishaved with Preeta so Preeta hit him in self protection. Preeta says nobody should realize that Kritika is associated with Akshay’s homicide case. Preeta says on the off chance that Sherlyn is in the lodging, she has some association in Akshay’s homicide case.

Sherlyn says to Prithvi that she saw Kritika in the lodging. One Hotel staff discloses to Vijay that two individuals came to meet Akshay. Vijay shows two pictures to him and asks who came to meet Akshay. Inn staff focuses at one picture saying he saw that individual. Vijay says he likewise speculated this individual as it were. Preeta and Kritika look through Sherlyn in the house and tracks down her in the kitchen.


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