Kundali Bhagya 1 October 2020 Written Update

Next we will see that Mehra leaves the reception and picks up her veil, on the other side Ramona and Sanjana see Mehra in Preeta’s clothes, they think Preeta is standing there and she gets very worried. And before she notices Sarla, Sanjana takes Mehra inside a room, convinces Mehra and says that her idea is too bad and mine turns her back on her and says that I knew that someone There is no need, so give me any safeguard. And there on the other side Pawan tells that he is indeed the brother of the earth and he accepts Preeta as his sister-in-law too. And Janaki is trying to find out from Pawan what she is doing with Preeta and she gives that their house is surrounded by Preeta goon and he decides to release Preeta from there.

Ramona then goes to find Sarla to find Preeta and is trying to find a singer. Finally I also accept that Preeta is a good girl. The council tells Sarla that like Ramuna, soon the whole family will get Preeta to government as soon as possible and will treat her very well. On the other hand, when Verma tells Preeta Pawan, who is married to us and not from Earth, he gets very angry and threatens to shoot them. This is where the episode ends.