Kundali Bhagya 1 May 2021 Written Update

Prithvi is tossing the cushion in his room asking for what reason did Sherlin needed to give him more pressure, he failed to remember his show in the industrial facility on the grounds that Sameer and Shristhi were following him, he asks that they not get his show, Karan goes into the room addressing if the shoe has a place with him,

Prithvi denies it saying that he didn’t go ton any rail route station, Shristhi and Sameer inquire as to whether he was not there to give the cash to the blackmailer when Prithvi denies it anyway Shristhi clarifies that she read the message in Mahira’s portable and thought that she was being coerced however didn’t realized that their mobiles have been traded and he was being extorted, karan says he dislike that and pledges to take him to the police. Read more….



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