Kundali Bhagya 07 September 2020 Written Update you will see that Sherlyn Sherlyn is on her way recently. She looked down the window and saw that it was Earth and when it flies I would have known it. That Earth is standing behind it and he asked her what she was doing in the house she went to and she told him to get the work done which she didn’t have because she told him to get out of the house on the 3rd date Has been given but he is still present in the house.

Kundali Bhagya 07 September 2020 Written Update

She asks the question who has kicked out whom but why then I answer that there is someone who says that someone says that there is someone who says that there is no one to treat her like that Can’t dare right now all these policemen are scared when they hear the voice of wisdom and assure the sister that the police have come there for Preeta. After this the police inspector comes there and he praises Karma’s haircut very much and Why didn’t he call her like that? Gaya stops her before she says anything and says that she couldn’t believe that she is standing in front of him and she starts taking selfies with him and her father is also very haraam. Goes and Sherlyn thinks she is a fan of being a police inspector so everything is going to be in her hands.

The actor says that when he gets typed he starts behaving like a child and he thanks her while taking a selfie and again asks if he has called her then Mehra says that she answers him Of course she will and Rita says that she is Karna’s wife but it is not true. NGO Lady says that the first thing she did was confess that she got married to Preeta.


Karan says that he did not call Preeta to tell her that he has a wife, he called her to tell him how clever she is. She says that Preeta has joined hands with Prithvi Malhotra and her father Mahesh. Has also tried to kill and he says that his father is recovering but he pushes him again and because he was afraid to tell him everything and he also says to stop his marriage with Mehra For he had also kidnapped Rishabh and Taurus asks him to stop and not to do it again also accused Preeta of murder and newspaper and asked the police to arrest him

Now to say that he had no family in his marriage, Preeta says that Rakhi was there and he also gave her Aziz and then Mehra says that Preeta is lying to him to prove her point. There is no evidence, if there is enough, then present it in front of everyone. Sherlyn says that the law demands proof and nothing else that Preeta does not have. And she has already weighed all these things on the NGO Ladies and she has also submitted the proof of her previous marriage to them and sister GO Lady shows the video clip to the police inspector in which they are getting married.

Then Karan says that everything is wrong and Preeta should be arrested. The police inspector says that Preeta is his wife legally and you can’t kick her out of the house unless you get divorced, only Rita. Proved his point and presented evidence with everyone and he was again asked for proof not to kidnap Rishabh and after that Rishabh also tells that Britannia did not give him medicine and tells Karma that you are conscious They start arguing and that’s where the episode ends