Shristhi arrives at the inn when the secretary seeing the administrator clarifies that he referenced his sweetheart would come so she will permit her to go into his cabin.Preeta enters the washroom with the family anyway they can’t discover any young lady there, Akshay shouts how he referenced that he was distant from everyone else yet at the same time they wouldn’t trust him,

Preeta requests that he not lie as she probably is aware he was with a young lady in the lodging, Akshay’s folks additionally go to the room and his mom promptly accuses Preeta saying how she began to confide in her anyway with what she is doing now they accept that the connection can’t endure, Karina gets strained so she quickly hurries to them saying ‘sorry’ for their misstep shouting how they had been mixed up. Akshay shouts how he would get hitched,

Preeta denies saying that it would not occur on the grounds that she will demonstrate his genuine face before the whole family, Karina tosses the pack of Preeta requesting her to take off from the house until her girl gets hitched, she arranges her to remain at her moms house. Read More….