Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update:- In tonight’s episode it will be shown that NGO Ladies hears from Preeta that Mehra is her mother-in-law and then Karma shouts and says you stay within your limits and meanwhile some family members stay on the side of his wife Preeta Says and says support it and Rishabh also agrees with him and he is praising to be a true person and he asks if Karan and Preeta are really married.

Kundali Bhagya 4 September 2020 Written Update

Rishabh admits that they are really married and he is also a witness of their marriage and he says that I am not going to lie behind the family so don’t force me to lie after that Sherlyn tells them all that Preeta’s mill is a good friend and that is why he is supporting her and by doing so he advised Ling not to speak against his brother and he does not want Sherlyn to lie in front of anyone and after that Roman asks reason to understand Sherlyn’s move

Then Karan speaks because he hates lies so much and Preeta is provoking him to tell everything the truth and asking if I got married by cheating then or not and if she says if you get married If you want to deny then you can do it and lie that I am not married but the truth is that me and Karan are married

And I am still telling them to dare to tell the truth and after that the NGO Ladies Rakhi and Rishabh are standing with Preeta to get justice because they do not want to ask her and her family any questions and she Gets very hard and he tells Preeta to take care of your old friendship and get out of our house now Preeta doesn’t want to leave because she has her own house how can she leave her house Is

The only reason is to call the police then the NGO ladies tell them that they also need the police and the policemen will help us but Karan is saying that the police will support me and he also says that then Preeta also apologized to him and then to Rakhi It seems very bad that Preeta has gone home and taken a wrong step to defame the ladies of the NGO. After that, Roman Rakhi has also been wronged and she is the one to blame.

And there on the other hand Sarla feels that Prithvi is the best guy for Preeta who is thinking wrong then all these misunderstandings are completely clear because she has just seen their real faces and she would have been telling her That reason is better than the earth and I am not a double person like her and she gives a lot of speeches again and she says that she will never adopt her father I know

Then Prithvi yells at him and says that he can’t insult her like that and he also threatens her by saying this and he says I will make her life hell then he starts looking for Preeta and then Sarla Tells that Preeta is in Luthra’s house Jaanki beat her up a lot to get her under her control and after that Sarla scared Prithvi a lot and kicked her out of the house

Right now Prithvi wants to take her revenge from Karma due to which the question has gone away from her and then tells the tax inspector that Preeta is not a right girl she can do anything for money she is a greedy girl

After that Sameer asks if Preeta will get justice Rishabh is tired of explaining to Karan Preeta is not afraid of the police at all because she is telling the truth and is really married to Karma so she has no fear of the police And there Karma speaks the truth and is not telling the truth of his marriage in front of anyone, this is the end of the episode.