Kundali Bhagya 03 February Written update

Kritika gets up and kisses the hand of Mahesh in the wake of sitting alongside him, Dadi likewise gives her the Shugun in the wake of contacting it with the hand of Mahesh, Dadi orders Sameer to take the thali of Shugun from the kitchen and offer it to the group of Akshay, Sameer gets strained anyway consents to take it to his home.

Akshay is sitting in the vehicle, he calls Megha requesting that she come ground floor clarify that he has an amazement for her, she gets stunned as he is calling her on the double anyway then the call separates, Akshay considers how much disposition the young ladies have in any event, when they generally do what he wants, he indeed calls her when she clarifies that she is coming so he should simply sit tight for some time.




Karina alongside the family arrive at the mandir, the Pandit clarify how he was sitting tight for them when Rakhi apologizes for being late as they stalled out in rush hour gridlock to which the Pandit clarifies how he knew so requested that they come 30 minutes sooner. Karina clarifies how he made the best decision since then everybody would consistently be on schedule. The Pandit requests that they sit as he would begin the pooja so they should all appeal to God for the wedded existence of Kritika, Preeta petitions God for the union with end in light of the fact that Akshay isn’t the ideal individual and on the off chance that he weds Kritika, at that point her life would be wrecked. Sherlin then again supplicates that the marriage be effective as then she would be valued in the whole family.

Sameer is driving when he is going to get in a mishap so stops the vehicle anyway then he sees Akshay and is stunned when a young lady embraces him, Sameer feels that she is Ruchika anyway is stunned to see that it is Megha, he promptly calls Preeta clarifying her about Akshay meeting with Megha, she arranges him to watch out for him as they need to demonstrate that he isn’t the opportune individual, Sherlin stresses over the goals of Preeta so attempts to hear her out discussion anyway then goes about as though she lost her ear ring, Preeta encourages her to initially design as she is wearing both her ear rings.


Akshay is in the inn where he takes a key, Sameer has followed them so goes to the gathering referencing how he is a worker of Akshay and he has called him into his room anyway he has lost the room number so wants that she advise him as else he would be terminated from his work, Sameer can get the room number promising to never tell anybody as it would likewise put the work of the gathering in danger, Sameer quickly calls Preeta educating that Akshay is remaining at inn Crown oceans room number 101, Preeta encourages him to watch out for them while she calls Shristhi as they need to uncover Akshay.

Preeta gets a call from Shristhi who inquires as to whether there is anything stressing her, Preeta inquires as to whether she recollects Megha from the gathering referencing how the two of them are in inn crown oceans, Shristhi shouts that she can’t failed to remember her as she accused her in the gathering, Preeta specifies how she will uncover the genuine substance of Akshay before everybody, she makes reference to how she would take everybody to the inn and uncover reality, Sherlin is stressed over the plans of Preeta.


Shristhi calls Sameer referencing how Preeta has educated her regarding the whole arrangement and she needs him to watch out for them while she arrives at the lodging, Sameer requests that she come quickly as then they would demonstrate what sort of an individual Akshay is.

The pooja completions and everybody goes outside the Mandir, Preeta stops them saying how she requires an hour of their time, Kritika ask what shock has she arranged yet Preeta makes reference to that there is an astonishment yet it won’t be charming, Preeta specifies that she would show them yet can’t say it out noisily, Karina doesnot need to trust her so is going to leave, Preeta clarifies that Akshay is with Megha in a lodging, she clarifies how Akshay and Megha are in the lodging and that the two of them knew each other before the gathering so that is the reason they accused Preeta in light of the fact that they had an unsanctioned romance anyway Karina doesnot trust her requesting her to never accuse her child in law until the end of time since her little girl will be hitched today, Karina requests that she come when Kritika makes reference to that she has the opportunity to allow Preeta an hour as she needs to be certain that Akshay is the correct decision for her, Kritika specifies how she additionally got dubious on Akshay at the hour of the capacity since she knows Preeta and Shristhi and realizes that she can’t not be right, Kritika specifies that she can’t wed Akshay with the doubt thus should give Preeta a possibility.

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